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Choose Guard Services in Atlanta to Reduce Premeditated Property Crimes during Colder Weather

There has long been a debate as to whether property crimes actually increase or decrease during the winter months. According to Crime Stoppers of Atlanta, the answer actually depends on whether you are referring to premediated acts or crimes of opportunity. This organization claims that premeditated property crimes actually increase during the winter months for a number of reasons.

Fewer people are out and about during winter. That, coupled with more hours of darkness provides an ideal opportunity for break-ins. This is especially true near Christmas, when many people are traveling or away from their homes for an extended period of time.

What this means is that burglaries in winter are more likely to be well thought out in advance. Rather than simply stumbling on an opportunity, criminals are apt to watch certain areas to determine when the best time might be to strike.

Vacant buildings are also more prone to vandalism during the winter months, as a good number of people might enter them in an effort to stay warm. Property damage could occur when people break through doors or windows in order to access a structure. Once individuals are inside, the odds of them removing copper wiring or other fixtures is greatly increased.

The fact that property crimes during winter are often planned activities rather than random acts means that you should take proactive measures to avoid becoming a victim. Criminals are much less likely to target your property if they notice you have our guard services in Atlanta protecting you. To deter crime, it’s important for our officers to have a well-established presence long before cold weather arrives, which is why you should contact us today to find out more.


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