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What Tests Do You Need To Complete To Get Your Security Guard License

Laws and rules regarding licensing for security guards vary considerably by state. Requirements often also depend on the needs of the client, duties of the post, and company that employs the security guards. It is important to pay attention to things like training, testing, and background, however, when considering what type of security to use at your business.

A scourge of the entire security business, and an issue BOS Security try to define ourselves against, is that sometimes the training and effectiveness bar for employees can be relatively low at certain security companies. The cliche of a sleeping or out of shape security guard is, unfortunately, sometimes based in some truth. BOS Security has extremely high standards for all employees, however, other companies are often not as exacting and demanding. Hiring security guards that from a company with low standards, perhaps just barely meeting state and local requirements, is not a good way to safeguard or represent your business.

A security guard, or team, that is inexperienced, arrives to work late or tired, and sleeps on the job, is a poor face for your business. Not to mention that this kind of service is a waste of money and can maybe even invite people seeking to do crime to take advantage of your business. In almost every state there are tests that can be administered to grade and assess an individual’s ability to act as a security guard. Apart from standard tests regarding reactions to different situations, and physical tests, there are a number of other areas of expertise professional security officers should have.

Professional security officers should know how to operate entrance ID systems, surveillance systems, intrusion systems, etc. In addition, truly capable security professionals should know CPR-AED and basic fire safety. At BOS Security, we make sure that our professionals are experienced with all manner of passive security systems, including entrance ID, surveillance, and intrusion systems. Additionally, Security Officers at BOS Security know CPR-AED, fire safety, and even some firefighting skills. Our Security Officers are often familiar with these important skills and knowledge sets because of their previous professional background. One important indicator of the quality of a security agency is the professional background of its employees.

At BOS Security, many of our Security Officers are former law enforcement, military, EMTs, firefighters, etc. Their background with security, safety, and response to emergencies is invaluable experience and knowledge that is difficult to teach in the kind of minimal training courses some agencies provide. Some agencies might hire security guards from any background, perhaps seeking only to find people that will take low pay for the job, not considering things like previous careers, advanced security and emergency response experience, or even physical fitness.

To reiterate, every state has different rules regulating the licensing of security guards. Some of those benchmark requirements might be considerably less rigorous than you might want for a security service representing and safeguarding your business, neighborhood, or organization. In order to be truly protected in emergency health, security, and other situations, you want to make certain that the security professionals you hire are true pros. True professionals do more than meet expectations by barely passing state or local tests for security guard employment. True professionals exceed expectations by being equipped mentally and physically for health emergencies, security emergencies, natural emergencies, and everything in between.

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