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Why There’s A Genuine Revolution In Remote Guarding

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The reason for the revolution in remote guarding we’ve seen over the past 5 years or so is a technological one. Like so many areas of our lives today the rapid increase in the technology available has enabled security services to monitor security from a remote location like never before.

Going into a little more detail the particular strides we’re talking about here are in the area of video analytics software which enables an operator to remotely and actively monitor hundreds if not thousands of camera feeds at the same time.

But how does it work? This brilliant technology is a kind of smart software that monitors the video feed digitally to look for movements, rather than having somebody watching the camera feed continuously looking for access violations the software can do the hard work for you.

Once an intrusion or event has been detected the software will alert the security officer so that officer can then see what is happening at the scene and respond accordingly.

Early Warning Is Critical

The reason these systems are becoming so effective is you can let the computer software do the early detection. For example, the camera software will detect an object in motion approaching a restricted area and alert the officer.

The officer then can use the remote systems audio feed to tell the intruder they’ve been detected and police are on the way.

This will make them think twice about their course of action and will most likely have them turn around and running in no time. If you find that your intruder isn’t responding the camera operator can then dispatch your BOS Security officer to the scene to remedy the situation directly.

We’ve Come A Long Way

It was only about 35 years ago that the previous revolution in technology came along in the form of automated digital diallers which is now a $25 billion industry in the U.S.

We’re rapidly seeing the replacement of these systems on large facilities with remote video guarding and audio over IP technology as being a far more effective way to remote secure the premises but this doesn’t mean you should abandon your on ground security either.

The reality is they go hand-in-hand together, you can’t have one without the other, It’s impossible for a small security team to cover a large facility completely alone a single security guard. The solution is to combine remote guarding with your on-site security services.

BOS Security are mostly trained ex-law enforcement so if there’s ever the need to respond to an incident picked up by remote monitoring you know that BOS Security Officer’s on the ground know how to respond and handle the situation effectively.

Solutions And Services

There’s always an opportunity for you to have BOS Security provide a security needs assessment to you, obligation free so that we can closely look at your security needs and requirements and tailor our service to you. We aim to provide for your long term security needs, having a long term security operation in place establishes your operation as a safe and secure one in the mind of your employees and visitors, contractors and stakeholders.

Being secure and being known for your approach to security is especially important in the competitive world we live in today. There’s just too many risks in leaving your security to anybody but BOS Security.

Take a look here at our security needs assessment page to see what we can do for you and don’t forget to check the services offered section of the website so you can see what we can do and why we’re the best in Georgia.



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