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How Costs Are Making Remote Guarding Viable

There’s a real shift in the industry to effective remote guarding. In the past there’s been a cost and quality problem attached to the technology. Namely that camera pixel resolutions were too low to be anything more than a review system to show police evidence after the crime has happened and even then it was often too blurry to make out much of a picture.

Times have of course changed and today the quality of video feed available for real time remote guarding is practical and becoming quite cost effective.

While the benefits aren’t entirely financial they do make a compelling reason to consider using a combination of remote guarding and “on the ground” security presence to deliver the best and highest level of security available for your facility.

Here’s a few key reasons that remote guarding is becoming a great solution to your security needs in the most cost effective way possible.

Extending The Coverage Without Extending Costs

A typical remote guarding solution can save you up to 70% of the costs of on the ground guarding solutions and potentially pay for itself after as little as 9 months. With the remote guarding available today you can have the remote guarding system integrated into CCTV camera networks already present.

There’s also the viability of upgrading and replacing old camera networks with higher resolution cameras with back to base audio feeds to cover greater area where a man on the ground isn’t required full time.

The software associated with remote guarding stations is getting smarter and better all the time. This means you can have one guard monitor and coordinate multiple video feeds as the software does the work looking for movement and access violations. The software can than alert the guard monitoring and have the on foot guard attend the area immediately.

False Alarm Reductions

In 2002 a study by Blackstone & Hakim found that burglar alarms constituted around 20% of all police calls in some jurisdictions but nearly 90% of them turned out to be false alarms.

Remote guarding comes in here as a way to reduce false alarms. For example, most alarms triggered on the premises would be false, anything from an employee trying to enter the wrong door code, accessing the wrong door, cleaning and maintenance staff forget to disable an alarm for a cleaning area or forget to turn it back on when they’re done etc.

Remote guarding allows a system to be put in place where an alert will go the monitoring guard first. This guard can then assess the situation for the validity of a threat before dispatching a guard to attend or getting authorities involved.

Preventing the waste of time and money in responding to false alarms and the paperwork trail associated with them is extremely beneficial to your operations.

Liability Reductions

Considering that multi-million dollar lawsuits around liability that were once the exception are fast becoming a normality it goes to show that reducing your liability in any areas of business is critical and definitely worth investigating.

Negligence is a key part of liability problems for most businesses today. Being able to remotely guard and monitor your situation is an effective way to deal with liability problems. A remote guarding solution for your business can potentially save you lots of money in liability expenses around damaged property or people where you were unable to provide the security coverage that your employees required.

The Employee Retention Cost Savings

There’s no doubt that it’s cheaper to keep an employee than to continuously replace them. It’s long been a focus of many businesses around the world to try and improve on their employee retention rates.

Keeping employees means you have to spend less time and money on training new replacements with their job related skills and their workplace inductions. There’s also a significant cost to productivity that most businesses can’t afford.

Feeling secure at work is a big part of employee satisfaction and if you provide your employees (and visitors and contractors) with the best security available they’ll feel safer at work and be more inclined to stay for the long term.

It also helps your reputation in the industry as a safe and reliable place to work.

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