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Clearing Airport Security As Fast As Possible – 5 Handy Tips

Today we’re going to go through a few handy tips for the travelling public. We hope that these tips make life easier for you and your family on your next trip the airport and to illustrate some of the things airport security do to protect you every day.

Ensure You Have Any Required Paperwork Ready

Important for domestic travel but critically important overseas, certain countries are particularly strict with their entry and exit paperwork and won’t take kindly to visitors whom can’t find or take too long to produce their paperwork.

Because you have plenty of warning on what you need to have ready and what you need to bring along there’s no excuses. Other passengers will also appreciate the queues moving a little faster. Nobody wants to be the person responsible for holding everybody up while they dig through luggage to find their passport.

Moving you and your belongings through the airport safely and quickly is an important role for airport security, anything you can do to ease yourself through the system in place helps them do their job.

Perform A Security Line Scout

Just because a line looks shorter doesn’t mean it’ll be faster, for example as a lone traveller you might prefer a line filled with business travellers rather than a shorter line with families and children.

The line with business travellers will often move faster and even if it appears longer, while there’s some guesswork and luck to this you don’t want to be stuck behind large families with screaming children.

Also, if there’s an express line available for your type of travel make us of it!

Dress Properly For Flight And Airport Conditions

Barring any crazy late arrivals or wardrobe malfunctions you should always dress for the security conditions of the travel. By this we mean don’t overburden yourself with too much clothing, fancy shoes or no socks.

Try to keep jewellery and belts hidden away in your carry-on luggage as it saves having to take them off and put them back on after a walk through the X-Ray machine. We suggest putting highly valuable items in your pockets (such as your cell phone) as you can keep your eyes on them as you go through the X-Ray and pocket them again right afterwards.

On the occasion, you’ll have to take any of these off the simpler the better!

Pack To Unpack Fast

Be smart about how you pack, if you need to take liquids with you and you’re a frequent traveller you might consider buying a reusable set of TSA approved travel bottles or accessories.

These save you from buying travel approved liquids every time you fly and allow you to fill using supplies from home or the office.

With this practice, you can save money and time, just make sure you label your accessories properly and store them in the front pocket of your bags. You want to avoid holding up the process and creating delays while you dig through your bags to find accessories and other small things down the bottom of your suitcase.

Always Follow The Golden Rule

Always be polite and courteous. There couldn’t be a simpler or easier piece of advice to follow for a travelling member of the public.

Whether you travel alone, or with family, for business or for vacation, remember that every other passenger just wants to get where they are going as fast and stress free as possible, just like you.

The airport staff, including security services want to see you get through security and to your destination as quickly and as safely as possible. Sometimes things go wrong and delays happen.

When things go wrong and delays happen, stay calm, stay cool and always be polite to fellow passengers and to staff and security.

We all want the same thing, your safe departure and return, each time you travel!

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