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7 Airline Jobs You Can Outsource To External Security Guards


Airport security is vital in keeping airline staff and the thousands of passengers that pass through airports safe and secure. Security personnel are located throughout the airport at various points for optimal security.

Security is an even bigger focus since 9/11. To meet security demands while still providing excellent customer service, some airlines are choosing to outsource some security jobs to external security guards.

Why Outsource Airline Security Jobs

It’s nothing new to hear passengers complain about lengthy lines and missed flights due to security screenings. Many airlines blame this on the TSA and a shortage of available security staff. Despite the TSA saying there’s no difference between them and private security firms, airlines disagree.

Airports have discovered that by outsourcing security, it’s far easier to adjust security based on traffic lulls and surges. They also feel that private security guards are more responsive and provide better customer service.

Due to complaints from passengers, a law was put into place that allows airlines to opt out of using the TSA. While they’re still required to meet the same security standards, airports can use private security guards instead.

In studies, private security was found to be just as, if not more, secure than TSA staff. Studies also showed that taxpayers could save $1 billion in just five years if the country’s top 35 airports opted to outsource security.

The good thing is it’s also easy to customize security needs based on the size of the airline. Smaller airports won’t need the same amount of security as larger, busier airports. This convenience ensures every airport gets the security it needs.

How Security’s Changed Since 9/11

Before 9/11, private companies handled security. To tighten security, the TSA was created a few months after the terrorist attacks. Since 9/11, security has become an even bigger focal point than it was before.

New rules regarding what passengers can and can’t carry, along with in-depth screenings have added hours to the security process. While it’s designed to keep passengers safer, it’s created headaches for those who miss important flights due to security delays.

The new trend towards external security doesn’t mean delays won’t happen, but having the ability to add staff easily during busier times could mean fewer delays and happier passengers.

The 7 Security Jobs To Outsource

Private security firms are designed to handle customized security needs based on the airline. This means airports can adjust staffing needs based on traffic changes, such as adding additional screeners during holidays and limiting security when fewer passengers travel.

BOS Security is only one of six firms across the nation that are part of the TSA’s Screening Partnership Program, which allows airlines to outsource security screeners. Some of the airline security jobs our staff is trained to handle include:

  • Ticketing
  • Passenger Check-in
  • Baggage Check-in
  • Gate
  • Boarding
  • Passenger Assistance
  • Security Screening

External security guards will handle all security related tasks, including screening passengers. They’re required to perform the same level of security as TSA screeners.

Security personnel will be with passengers every step of the way, from the moment they enter the first security check-point, until they board the plane. It’s up to them to ensure only the correct passengers board planes and to ensure no contraband is brought aboard.

Overall, it’s expected that private security will offer a more courteous and efficient service than government security. Imagine having an airport that passengers don’t dread coming to. When they’re met with friendly faces that are only interested in protecting them and making the security process as simple as possible, passengers are happier and other airline staff is more content as well.

While many airports still rely on the TSA, the trend towards outsourcing is growing. It’s more cost effective, convenient and efficient, while still keeping everyone as safe as possible.

Contacting BOS Security

If you have any questions about our external security services, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can reach us at 404-793-6965 to talk to one our friendly customer service representatives.

If you’re not sure about your security needs, try our free Security Needs Assessment service. It’s designed to help you target your specific security needs.

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