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How Having The Right Security Could’ve Prevented A Bad Situation


It doesn’t take long for a situation to go from bad to worse. You can’t expect everyone in your business to understand how to handle security threats. They just don’t have the necessary experience, which is how some situations turn into bad situations.

In most cases, having the right security could have prevented these types of situations. From security cameras to on-site security guards, security isn’t something to put on the back-burner. It’s a vital part of running a safe business.

Prevent Problems Before They Occur

Bad situations sometimes occur simply due to the lack of security. For instance, an open gate invites more trouble than a locked gate. Having some form of security presence helps to prevent security threats before they occur.

Naturally, you do need the right type of security. A mall that looks like it’s being patrolled by heavily armed prison guards isn’t going to help. Regular security guards provide a deterrent to potential troublemakers.

The prevention of security threats is one of the main reasons the private security industry is expected to grow by 4.2% every year through 2019. Outsourcing security is usually seen as far more efficient than hiring your own security team.

Reduce Involvement Of Others

Without the right security, there’s a higher risk of innocent bystanders being caught in the middle of security incidents. For instance, a trained security guard can subdue a thief or irate fired employee quickly before anyone gets hurt. If left to the employees, there could be a much worse situation of a fight breaking out or something getting physical harmed.

Recognize Security Threats

While it’s important to train everyone in a business to look for potential security threats, trained security professionals, such as those provided by BOS Security, know exactly what to look for. They recognize specific actions and understand when there’s a possibility for trouble.

Before someone can cause a problem, a security professional has already noticed suspicious activity and notified an on-site guard to check into the situation. The potentially unsafe situation is diffused quickly and it doesn’t have the chance to get worse.

Combine security professionals with remote security monitoring and you have the perfect system for keeping an eye on threats and preventing situations from getting out of hand. The global security monitoring and surveillance industry has been growing by 4% to 7% each year and spending on the industry was expected to be around $84 billion in 2014. That number has only grown.

The need to combine surveillance and guards is increasing as businesses want to take care of bad situations quickly and without any real incident. This approach is one of the most efficient.

Correctly Handle Escalating Situations

Your staff might be able to handle some situations, but what happens when the situation begins to escalate? What if an angry customer starts throwing things or physically threatening the staff? What if someone comes back with a weapon?

While these things may not happen often, the right security helps to stop the escalation before it goes too far. All it takes is a few minutes and the wrong words to turn an iffy situation into a nightmare. That’s the last thing you want.

By outsourcing security, you’ll already have someone on hand that knows how to calm a person down or detain them until police arrive. Either way, your staff and customers are much safer as a result. While you might not need a large security presence, one or two guards along with security cameras is enough for most small businesses to prevent security threats.

Securing Your Own Business

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