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6 Tips To Selecting The Best Commercial Security Service

Commercial Security Service

Protecting your business and property is important, but it’s not always easy to find the right commercial security service. With literally thousands of possibilities, which one should you choose?

By following a basic checklist, it’s easy to narrow down the pros from the amateurs to get the right protection for your business and buildings.

Simply preventing crime around your property can help raise property values, reduce insurance premiums and prevent vandalism. This helps your business save money, making it a worthwhile investment in choosing the perfect security service.

1. Look For Experience

This one should go without saying, but always look for a commercial security service with a long-standing record of experience. Did the company just start in the last few years or have they been around for decades? The more experience a service has, the more they’ll understand about protecting your specific business.

While security needs might seem like they’re the same between all businesses and properties, this couldn’t be further from the truth. More experience means that guards have encountered a wide variety of business types and security situations and are better prepared to meet your needs.

2. Inquire About Commercial Security Training

A company says they have “trained guards,” but trained in what? Are they trained to watch for body language cues or just how to look intimidating while patrolling the area? You want guards that are trained to notice even the most subtle suspicious activity, stay fully alert during patrols, know how to diffuse escalating situations and how to properly detain criminals until police arrive.

Ask about all the provided training to ensure they have the training required to properly protect your business. Even if you have a vacant location, you still need security to prevent injuries from squatters and random damage, which accounts for over $600 million a year.

3. Check For Guard Accountability

Commercial security services all say that you’re fully protected, but can you be certain that the guards are patrolling or are stationed in the right areas when you’re not around? Some companies, such as BOS Security, make guard accountability a priority, not just for clients, but for the guards as well.

By using GPS tracking, it’s easy to see where guards are at any given point. Want to check-in on patrols? A web portal will show you current movement. This also makes it safer for the guards, because if they’re idle for too long, the service is notified.

4. Test Customer Service

If a commercial security service doesn’t offer great customer service to begin with, it’s probably not worth your time. Security services have to be available for inquiries at any time, not just standard office hours. When they’re serving businesses that are open at all hours, friendly customer service should be available too.

Test out the customer service yourself and ask as many questions as you need. The staff should be able to answer your questions quickly or at least, find the answers quickly. Also, ask what hours the office accepts calls from clients.

5. Ask About References

How can you be sure this security service is really who they say they are? In a time when so many fraudulent companies exist, you need to double-check. Ask for references. It shouldn’t be difficult to quickly verify whether Company A actually uses this commercial security service or not. If a company can’t provide any references, this may be a red flag.

6. Look For A Knowledgeable Staff

When you’re trying to find a security service, you want a company that understands security inside and out. It shouldn’t be up to you to plan out your security strategy completely. The right company works alongside you to better understand your needs and create a plan that works best for you.

As you have questions, the staff addresses them quickly and adjusts your security plan accordingly to meet any changing needs. If you feel like you have to answer all security questions yourself, it’s not the right company for you.

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