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7 Locations That Will Benefit From Security Monitoring

Security Monitoring

Security monitoring isn’t just beneficial for a few areas. It’s actually highly effective in a wide variety of locations.

Any place where there is a potential risk for security problems is an ideal place for security cameras and remote monitoring.

While this isn’t an exhaustive list, we’ll cover seven of the best locations that should consider security monitoring and how it benefits them.

1. Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare facilities are constantly at risk, especially as patients and visitors come and go. It’s hard to know who belongs and who doesn’t. Security guards can only cover so much area, especially in large hospitals.

Security monitoring allows someone to remotely monitor hallways, entrances/exits, waiting areas and more. It’s easy for one person to monitor multiple floors at one time. In such as a highly trafficked place, security monitoring is a must. This should be in addition to security guards, of course, for optimal security.

2. Parking Areas

Approximately 80% of crimes at malls and business parks happen in parking lots. Parking areas aren’t usually well-monitored, which makes them the ideal target. This just proves why these areas need security monitoring.

Along with bright lighting, security cameras help employees and customers feel safer walking to and from their cars. It’s important to note that crime happens during the day too, so lighting alone isn’t enough. When criminals see the cameras, they’re less likely to commit a crime.

3. Gated Communities

Part of the appeal of gated communities is better security. Without security monitoring, the area isn’t as secure as it could be. In fact, it could make the area less appealing to potential residents.

While having gates and even a security guard to monitor who comes and goes, security cameras are still important for ensuring no one is sneaking in. Plus, security monitoring keeps shared areas safer, such as pools and tennis courts.

4. Retail Shops

No matter how diligent employees are, they can’t possibly watch every customer that comes into the store. While thieves are good, security monitoring helps prevent most retail thefts. By having someone watching different areas of the store remotely, it’s easy to catch thieves in the act.

For best results, have a security guard on-site to apprehend the thief until local law enforcement arrives.

5. Corporate Offices

Many corporate offices consider themselves secure since they have fewer visitors than retail stores. However, visitors and even employees still pose a threat. Security monitoring can help ensure only approved visitors enter the building.

Remote monitoring doesn’t just help inside the building, either. It can also drastically reduce the chance of property damage from vandalism. Most vandals don’t want to risk being caught and won’t proceed if they see cameras monitoring their actions.

6. Warehouses

Warehouses are busy areas and it’s often hard to notice if someone sneaks through a dock door or side entrance. This is where security monitoring can help.

By placing cameras in strategic locations, it’s easy for someone to remotely monitor the entire warehouse inside and out. This ensures no one sneaks in or causes trouble throughout the warehouse. It can also help reduce employee theft.

Another benefit is being able to see if a warehouse employee is in a dangerous situation, such as products falling from a high shelf. It could take hours for someone to notice otherwise. With security monitoring, the employee could get help immediately.

7. Malls

Malls are filled with potential security risks. Not only are there dozens of retail stores with often storefronts, but there are wide areas filled with crowds of people.

Security monitoring helps on-site security guards better monitor the entire area. This includes less trafficked areas like hallways and side entrances. By having a wider view, remote guards are able to direct on-site security to trouble areas to prevent issues from escalating.

Security monitoring also helps keep people safer by looking for suspicious activity, such as a young kid looking lost and alone or someone following a young woman everywhere she goes.

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