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Could Security Robots Boost Your Business’s Security?

Security Robots

Security robots might seem more futuristic than a reality, but robots are starting to be used for security purposes.

While they’re not meant to replace human security guards, they do serve as a good compliment to traditional security measures. The big question is just how effective are they?

If you’re looking for ways to boost your business’s security, a robot might be the answer you’ve been waiting for.

Common Uses Of Security Robots

Security robots aren’t meant to be human guards. Instead, they’re used to take care of repetitive tasks that give security guards more time for other tasks. Some of the most common tasks include:

  • Video monitoring of certain areas
  • Providing footage in dangerous situations
  • Monitoring who comes and goes
  • Identifying specific threats via programmed patterns

Some businesses even use security robots to ensure visitors find the right room, employees get to their cars safely and approving visitor and employee badges.

Can They Work Solo?

Yes and no. Businesses still need someone to monitor the robot. For instance, if the robot recognizes someone in an area that should be empty, the robot sends out an alert. Whether it’s a security guard, remote guard or even local law enforcement, someone must be available to respond to any alerts and view the current video footage.

They do work well as a mobile security guard as long as your business has remote guarding in place. The robot(s) can patrol areas just like a security guard. If the remote guard notices something out of place, they can speak through the robot to deter any problems.

However, it’s important to remember that security robots aren’t built to defend themselves. A security guard may have a weapon, but a robot can’t do anything. This makes them easy to damage if a criminal doesn’t want to be caught.

Of course, if they’re not programmed correctly or remotely maneuvered, they can go off course. For instance, they might roll out into traffic or block entryways. On the other hand, they can patrol endlessly as long as they have a fully charged battery.

Adding Them To Other Security Measures

The best approach is to use security robots with other security measures. They’re a great addition to security cameras and remote guarding. A single robot is a large initial investment, but it’s also cost saving, especially for smaller businesses with a small security budget.

They also work well with human security guards. The robots might patrol less trafficked areas so the human guards are better positioned to protect staff and customers if a threat does happen.

They also help keep guards safer. In a dangerous situation, a robot may be able to discreetly monitor the area, even if the regular security cameras aren’t at the right angle. This gives guards insight into what’s going on and decide how to best proceed.

Risks Of Using Security Robots

Naturally, there are risks to using security robots. As the San Francisco SPCA found out, many people aren’t thrilled with being monitored. They find robots that constantly rove around videoing to be invasive. This is especially true if you’re using your robot outdoors.

Instead of just videoing your area, the robot is also filming other businesses and their customers. Standard cameras are a little less invasive, though some people still don’t agree with them.

Another risk is what happens if the robot malfunctions. They could cause damage to your building and area structures, such as cars. This is also another reason the video feed should be monitored to ensure the robot is functioning correctly.

A final risk is businesses feeling overly complacent with security robots. They’re not a substitute for human security. Relying solely on robots could leave a business open to security risks. It’s always best to have a trained guard to monitor the video and/or patrol your premises. Despite the advances of AI, humans are still best at recognizing threats and knowing how to respond accordingly.

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