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Why Uniformed Patrols Protect Your Investment

Uniformed Patrols

When it comes to security guards, you have a choice between plainclothes and uniformed patrols. Both have their own unique benefits.

However, uniformed patrols are highly effective at deterring crime to begin with simply because of their distinctive look. This makes them ideal for protecting your investments.

If you’re on the fence about whether to use uniformed or plainclothes, consider these benefits of uniformed patrols

Create An Authoritative Presence

When you think of security guards, you automatically see a person in a uniform. Security makes you think of law enforcement, an area all of our security guards have a background in. Police are also seen as respected, authoritative figures.

When you have uniformed patrols, you instantly create a more authoritative security presence. This makes potential criminals think twice before doing anything wrong. It can even serve to deter rowdy teens, kids and yes, even adults just by having that obvious authority figure standing guard.

Proven To Reduce Shrink

Rustam Zakirov’s thesis for CUNY Academy Works studied the differences between uniformed patrols and undercover security in reducing shrink in retail.

The thesis proved that uniformed guards are more effective at reducing shrink. Why? If someone is planning to steal something, they first look around to see if anyone is watching. While an undercover security officer might see them, the would-be criminal would see the uniformed guard and be more likely to skip trying to steal anything.

A uniformed guard stands out, which naturally deters many security issues. Just their presence alone is enough to help reduce shrink from both customers and employees.

Proof Of Security

You might have signs up about security cameras, but some people may still believe those cameras are just fakes or not monitored. Either way, they feel a bit more confident in trying to steal something or cause problems. Plus, security cameras always have at least a small blindspot.

When you have uniformed patrols, you have obvious proof of security. They’re hard to miss and as they patrol, no one knows exactly when they might be caught.

Of course, mixing in a plainclothes guard along with uniformed patrols is a great way to surprise any criminals that are focused on trying to go behind a uniformed guard’s back. The two can work in tandem to help protect your investments even more.

Easy To Spot In Emergencies

Your investments aren’t just merchandise, you also invest in your employees. With uniformed patrols, it’s easy to spot security officers in emergency situations. If there’s an active shooter incident or a natural disaster, people are going to panic.

However, if they see a uniform, they’re more likely to go to that person to ask for help and guidance. This makes emergency situations a little easier to deal with and helps protect your staff and customers.

It’s a good idea to introduce your security personnel to your staff as part of your disaster recovery plan. Even if they’re wearing uniforms, let your employees know where and how they can quickly reach security officers in the case of an emergency. This further protects your employees.

Serve As A Sign Of Other Security

When a business is willing to invest in uniformed patrols, it means they’re serious about security. Should anyone walk into your business and see an authoritative uniform, they’ll quickly realize you likely have other security measures in place.

Usually, security guards are the final layer in securing a business. However, uniformed guards stand out over security cameras, security systems, remote monitoring and plainclothes guards.

Simply having them present shows that you have invested in other security measures (even if you actually haven’t). This helps to further deter crime both inside and outside of your business.

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