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Why Arming Residents Doesn’t Equal Better Security In Gated Communities

Arming Residents

It’s not uncommon for gated community residents to feel like they’re paying too much in fees. They pay local taxes and typically security fees too.

One idea is to simply arm the residents to help them feel safer. After all, who would want to cause trouble in a gated community where most or all residents are armed?

While that may sound great in theory, the truth shows that arming residents doesn’t equal better security in gated communities.

More Guns Just Equal More Violence

For this idea to work, you’d have to assume that areas with the most legal firearms and concealed carry permits were the safest. However, more and more studies are showing that while many Americans believe guns lead to better security, the opposite is true.

In fact, studies have shown that areas with the most legal firearms have higher crime rates. Part of the problem is criminals know most gun owners aren’t prepared for an attack. Plus, gun owners may react too quickly and shoot someone they know and trust before taking a moment to see what’s going on.

Armed Residents Aren’t Properly Trained

A few trips to the gun range or a few gun classes aren’t enough to properly train someone on how to react in a dangerous or suspicious situation. When the adrenaline is pumping, armed residents may completely miss their target, not react quickly enough, shoot innocent bystanders or shoot without any real reason.

Trained security guards have years of training not only in how to handle a gun, but in how to gauge situations. They know how to subdue suspects without gunfire (when possible), how to shoot safely without harming others, how to identify potentially dangerous situations and even how to diffuse escalating issues.

Arming Residents Leads To Quick Judgements

In the case of Trayvon Martin, arming residents didn’t lead to better security. In fact, it showcases the problems with residents using quick judgment calls to make poorly informed decisions.

This goes back to insufficient training. While even trained law enforcement does make mistakes sometimes, arming residents could lead to numerous mistakes. It’s the eagerness to save the day that makes people react quickly. In gated communities, there’s also a sense of being separate from the rest of the world. This may lead to even more quick judgments that cause more harm than good.

No One’s Watching When Everyone’s Asleep

Unless residents are willing to take turns staying awake and patrolling the neighborhood, the entire community is vulnerable while everyone’s asleep. While some residents may work different shifts, the major sleep at night.

Plus, most gated community residents aren’t that interested in their neighbors. They live in these areas for privacy and security. This leads to them knowing very little about each other’s schedules.

All it takes is for a single criminal to take the time to watch everyone. Remember, crime doesn’t just come from outside the gates. Residents can be criminals too. Even if residents are armed, when people are gone or asleep, it’s still easy to vandalize property, break in, steal cars and anything else.

Choose A Better Option

While it’s okay for residents to have guns, they shouldn’t be considered the first line of defense. In fact, this should be discouraged. Instead, invest in armed security guards that patrol, stand watch at strategic areas and monitor video feeds.

These guards are properly trained in how to use their weapons and when. They also know how to keep suspects safely detained without using deadly force until local law enforcement arrives.

It’s always better to opt for trained professionals than putting security in the hands of residents. There is too much potential for innocent people to get hurt by residents who mean well, but act before they think things through.

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