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Could Negligent Security Cost Your Atlanta Business?

Negligent Security

You may know the costs of securing your business, parking lot or organization, but did you realize negligent security could cost you even more?

Yes, it’s true. A lack of security or poor security could lead to costly lawsuits. All it takes is someone getting hurt in a robbery or an employee being attacked going to their car to result in your business being served a lawsuit.

The good thing is the more you know about negligence regarding security, the easier it is to create a better security strategy to keep everyone safe and avoid a trip to the courtroom.

Understanding Security Negligence

The most important thing is to understand when your business could be considered negligent. By law, injury or death as a result of insufficient security is a premises liability issues. This makes your business just as liable as if your roof leaked and a customer slipped and broke a leg.

Of course, another version involves security accidentally or purposing injuring someone. For instance, if security guards accidentally caused someone to trip while escorting them out, your business could be liable for any injuries.

The basic premise is if you lack security or the security you do have doesn’t do their absolute best to protect everyone, you could be sued by any victims.


Negligent Security Lawsuits

Negligent security lawsuits occur for a wide variety of reasons. From something as ridiculous as someone’s arm getting broken in a struggle when guards tried to pull them off of an actual victim to being attacked in a parking lot, any security negligence could result in a lawsuit.

One law firm created an overview of negligent security lawsuits from 1992 to 2001 to showcase various examples. While only public lawsuits were included from specific firms, 1,086 cases were reported. The vast majority dealt with assault and battery crimes at 42% of all cases.

The study also showcased that no industry is safe from these types of lawsuits. Hotels, shopping malls, private businesses, restaurants and more are all at risk.

Most recently, victims from the Jacksonville Landing mass shooting are filing suit claiming that the gunman was only able to get in due to poor security measures.

Protecting Your Business

Your first thought may be how to protect your business from a financial aspect. After all, victims could easily sue for millions and not just for injuries and lost wages.

It’s important to carefully review your liability insurance policies to see what is and isn’t covered. While it is a liability style claim, some policies may not cover it. You also may not have enough coverage available if there are multiple victims.

Of course, you should also check with any security firms you work with. This includes security guards services, alarm services and remote monitoring/guarding services. Some security providers have their own policies specifically for covering negligent security claims that occur as a result of their negligence. However, these won’t cover your business if a lack of security is the problem.


Securing Your Business

The best thing you can do is always provide adequate security. While lawsuits may still happen, proving you had ample security may be enough to prevent the case from going to court. For instance, a mass shooter incident with multiple gunmen at a shopping mall is going to be impossible for a standard team of security guards to prevent completely.

While there may be injuries, you still have proper security in place to limit the risk and attempt to keep shoppers and employees safe. Workplace violence is all too common and eventually, you’ll have to deal with either creating a better security strategy or handling a negligent security lawsuit.

Not only does proper security give employees peace of mind, but it keeps customers coming back. After all, wouldn’t you be more likely to visit businesses without a history of security incidents?

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