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6 Tips For Mapping Out Your Security Solution

Mapping Out Your Security Solution

Mapping out your security solution is a critical step in protecting your business and employees.

However, it’s not as simple as knowing where to put lights or adding some security cameras. It’s an in-depth plan detailing how to protect all areas of your business, both physical and digital.

Knowing the basic steps of the planning process will help you create a more extensive security strategy.

1. Define What You Need To Protect

Which areas of your business need to be protected? Before you say all, consider which aspects are the most vital to running your business. These are the ones you want to protect the most and those that will need the most security.

For instance, you’d protect your entrances and exits far more than you would the bathroom doors. Certain areas of your business will need more security and it’s important to define those areas and why they need extra protection. Create a priority list to determine how to assign your security controls.

2. Consider Your Threat Risks

The next step is to know your threat risks. Every business doesn’t share the same risks. For instance, a warehouse has different risks than a small office.

Take the time to consider and define your risk factors throughout your business. After all, it’s difficult to create an effective security plan when you don’t know what you’re protecting against. Don’t forget to include cybersecurity when determining your risks.

3. Determine Your Security Options

Next, it’s time to start determining the security options you want to use, where to use them and how to use them. For instance, do you want to hire an in-house security staff to monitor surveillance or hire security guards from a security firm?

Perhaps you want to try remote guarding and install adjustable security cameras. Adding more lights, intercoms, keycard/passcode locks and other security features are all options to consider.

The more security features you add, the higher level of security you create. However, not every area of your business needs the same security as Fort Knox. This all goes back to determining which assets need the most protection and your risk factors.

4. Get Expert Security Guidance

When creating a security plan, it’s a good idea to seek expert security guidance. For instance, you might work with a third-party security company to assess your risks. You may even consider talking with area businesses to learn more about your risks and what their security strategies include.

If you already have expert security guards, talk to them. They’re trained to spot security vulnerabilities and can help you develop a better security plan. Of course, working with a security firm usually involves creating a custom security plan.

5. Test Your Security Plan

Creating a security plan is pointless unless you test it. Until you see the plan in action, it’s impossible to know if it’ll actually work. Go through drills to see how your plans work out. It’s a good idea to do the initial testing when employees aren’t around to work out some of the kinks before involving them.

6. Train All Staff

Finally, train all your staff on your security plan. Even when it seems perfect to you, your employees may spot flaws you don’t see. Plus, employees need to be aware of the security features your business uses. This helps them to stay safer, especially in the event of emergencies or if they need to report something suspicious.

For instance, you might train your staff on secret physical cues to show the cameras if they feel threatened or uncomfortable by a visitor. Sadly, training is often overlooked, but it’s vital to perform formal training at least yearly to ensure all new employees know what’s going on and older employees don’t forget.

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