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This Technology Is Changing Industrial Security

Industrial Security

Industrial security is becoming more advanced as technology changes, which is a good thing.

After all, what business wouldn’t want easier and better ways to secure their assets? The good news is technology complements traditional physical security to create a much more secure environment.

What is this amazing technology? While you could call it remote guarding, it’s actually several technologies combined.

Basics Of Remote Guarding

Remote guarding is exactly what it sounds like. A trained guard monitors your business remotely. They watch your camera feeds to monitor for any suspicious activity. Since they can watch multiple camera feeds at once, they’re able to see more areas than a single guard on-site could.

They work well with on-site guards since they can quickly communicate what’s going on. This allows on-site security guards to react faster and avoid missing any major security incidents. Plus, having someone watching their back keeps them safer.

Think of remote guarding as the big brother your business needs. However, remote guarding can go beyond just surveillance cameras thanks to advances in technology.

Using Industry 4.0 Tech

Industry 4.0 technology encompasses several current tech trends, such as AI and self-flying drones. While this tech isn’t limited to industrial security, it has changed the face of security. For instance, imagine an employee being able to say a certain phrase in an emergency and a surveillance camera automatically responds and sends an alert to the remote guard.

This the kind of advances that are possible in the physical security sector. All it takes is investing in not just physical guards but the technology they need to be more effective at their jobs.

The Rise Of AI

AI, or artificial intelligence, is dominating the tech industry currently. Businesses are using the tech for everything from chatting up customers with smart home assistants like Alexa to analyzing human behavior to predict security issues.

For instance, if a remote guard is watching a dozen monitors, AI technology could be used to scan all monitors at once and create an alert if it detects an employee or visitor acting strangely. Surveillance cameras with mics could send alerts to physical guards when a key phrase is uttered or if the AI detects an employee in distress.

The possibilities are endless since AI continues to learn as you use it. This means after a few months, the program would better learn what is and isn’t acceptable behavior and actions. It could even be used to detect something as minute as an employee’s gait and notify someone if they’re going into a restricted area.

Implementing Drones

Drones are already being used to aid in security. However, self-flying drones are the latest advancement being used to change industrial security. Instead of needing someone at the controls, the drones are programmed to go in certain patterns or random patterns within a set grid area.

They serve as additional surveillance cameras to help remote guards see more of the business. For instance, standard cameras have a hard time catching all angles in a crowded warehouse or industrial plant. With a drone flying overhead, no angle is out of sight any longer.

Advanced Access Control

The final technology that’s helping remote guarding become even better is advanced access control. It now goes far beyond entering a key code or scanning a badge.

Now, systems can scan license plates to determine who can and can’t enter the parking area. Doors might not open if an employee refuses to look up at the cameras or if the cameras detect something out of the ordinary, such as an employee who scans a badge, but is suddenly taller or shorter than usual. This would indicate an imposter using the badge.

Combined with remote and physical guards, access control features make it much easier to keep track of who enters and leaves the business and various rooms in the business.

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