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Shopping Center Security – Building A Customizable Partnership

Shopping Center Security

Shopping center security varies greatly based on the type of shopping center, location, number of customers, types of merchandise and more.

That’s why your shopping center needs a customizable partnership with a trusted security firm. You get the security you need to keep your businesses and customers safer.

For optimal security, you need a true partnership. You each learn from each other to create the best security strategy for your specific shopping center.

Diverse Shopping Center Security Needs

Our home offices in Atlanta, Georgia are within close reach of various shopping centers. In Georgia alone, we have over 116,000 different shopping centers that all have different security needs.

For instance, you might think parking lot crime is similar at all shopping malls and centers, but in Atlanta, this couldn’t be further from the truth. The largest mall is the Mall of Georgia, which only reported 50 car break-ins in 2015. However, shoppers at Cumberland Mall were three times more likely to have their cars broken into.

The same holds true in any area across America. Just because there is more opportunity for theft or assaults, doesn’t mean it’ll happen. In fact, small shopping centers could be just as at risk for security issues as much larger shopping malls.

It’s important to consider your current security statistics when working with a security partner. This allows you to create a more customized security strategy to best suit your needs.

Smarter Security Threats

Another issue is shopping center security has to evolve to meet the smarter security threats. Criminals are getting smarter and using a wide variety of tactics to avoid getting caught.

Loss Prevention Media listed seven tips to help law enforcement better spot and deal with potential criminals. Creating a customizable partnership with a security company allows you to get trained security guards who stay in the know on the current trends and gimmicks criminals use.

Some of the most common things your security staff might look for include:

  • Groups with little to no interactions with each other
  • A shopper that calmly walks past their car only to make a U-turn (most shoppers would at least look confused or frustrated)
  • Someone suspicious suddenly flees to the bathroom
  • Someone watching everyone around them too closely

Criminals don’t want to get caught. They often work in groups at shopping centers to keep tabs on security, warn when employees are coming and plan the best exit strategies. Thanks to smartphones, their jobs are even easier since they can stay in constant contact while still looking like every other shopper.

Security Needs Regularly Change

Every shopping center needs a customizable security partnership because their needs are always changing. For instance, many shopping centers start to increase security around the holidays, starting around Thanksgiving as holiday shopping starts to ramp up.

Most metro malls in Atlanta started increasing security patrols, including partnering with local law enforcement, just prior to Thanksgiving this year. This came along with reminders to shoppers to stay aware and hide their valuables in locked cars.

For different holidays, your shopping center will need a bigger security presence and less of one during the offseason. Plus, you might require additional security during grand openings of new stores or a larger security presence around specific stores.

For shopping centers that are home to stores with more valuable products, such as electronics or jewelry stores, having extra security on hand is always a plus. In most cases, you’ll want a mixture of both uniformed and plainclothes security guards to keep criminals from knowing who is watching and where.

With needs constantly changing, you want a partner that’s able to keep up with those needs. Whether you need more or less security or even complete changes in security strategies, a customizable partnership is crucial to keeping your shopping center safe and secure.


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