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How Technology is Shaping the Security World

Most industries have been affected by technological changes in the last few decades. From manufacturing to finance, the evolution of technology has required almost everyone to adapt to a new way of working, banking, learning and even thinking.

Whether you work or live in Sandy Springs or Dunwoody, you have witnessed these trends, and the security industry that protects you at work and home has embraced these technological advancements to help them do their work even more effectively.

Here are some of the ways technology is keeping employees safe:

Controlling access to your facility

While this is not among the newest technologies, it wasn’t all that long ago when workers showed an ID badge to a security guard as they entered the workplace. Today, sophisticated access control management systems allow businesses to control, track and manage access to any facility. And video surveillance systems provide a visual record of all activity.

Drones can have multiple functions

Some companies deploy drones to remote areas to monitor larger perimeters. But drones that are stationed on-site can provide a quick reaction to any needs that crop up in or around the plant. They can be fitted with sensors that detect smoke and gas leaks, and they could have communication equipment installed that notifies emergency responders and gives them essential information. Drones can also be retrofitted with lights and voice messaging that directs evacuating workers to the nearest exit.

High-resolution radar is cost-effective

Radar systems can be integrated into existing security systems, providing another way to monitor perimeters just like security cameras. The advantages to radar include no moving parts, which makes maintaining them easier, and they operate well in bad weather or where the lighting is poor.

Robots can amplify security

Security robots can help track people and assets. They can be used to patrol and scan a pre-defined area to detect abnormalities, such as someone on the property after hours, an open door, something that has been removed or a spill or leak in the area.

Robots can enhance security by detecting problems that might go unnoticed by a human. With the assistance of video chatting and a two-way radio, robots allow one person to monitor and respond to events in real time and at multiple locations. One of the benefits of security robots is helping to provide additional security coverage after hours and on weekends.

Remotely operated weapon systems help protect against terrorism

Property and assets have always been vulnerable to terrorism. And the effects can spread to entire communities and even farther. One act of terrorism on a key target such as a chemical storage facility or a utility company could have dangerous and debilitating consequences.

To counteract these threats, certain industries are using remotely operated weapon systems (ROWS) – both lethal and non-lethal – to safeguard their property and minimize their communities’ security concerns.

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