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Should You Hire A Contract Security Guard Company for Your Commercial Real Estate Or DIY?

You are the Property Manager Facility Manager for commercial real estate or a Class A Office Space in Atlanta – should you contract an outside guard services company or form your own internal security department?  The large number of private guard companies indicates that more companies are choosing to go the contract route to protect their commercial office buildings and tenants.  So, what are the benefits of contracting out your security guard service needs?

Gain Outside Expertise

Odds are that physical security related issues are not your core competency.  Most property managers have realized the value of outsourcing – whether its janitorial or building maintenance, Atlanta property managers understand the importance of focusing on their specialty and hiring other experts to support them.

Look for a management team that is experienced and involved in the security industry.  They should be actively involved in organizations like BOMA Georgia or ASIS and have certifications such as the Certified Protection Professional® to reaffirm that they are knowledgeable of current practices in the physical security industry.

Ease of Administration

The leadership team of a professional security firm should make your life easier by relieving you of the stress of managing the security department for your office complex.

Human Resources – Your security guard contractor will handle the day-to-day issues including interviewing, hiring, discipline, uniforming, and training.  If you had to do these things it would be a distraction from your core competencies and caring for tenants.

Scheduling – If you run a 24/7 office building, what happens if that guard on 3rd shift doesn’t show up or calls in sick?  If you’re running your own in-house security operation, then you better be prepared to put on a uniform and fill that shift.  With the contract security firm its their problem to fill that post.

Uniforms & Equipment – You shouldn’t have to worry with the sourcing and inventorying of uniforms and equipment for security guards, this is a poor use of your time and money.  When that guard that is one size leaves and you hire one of another size, that’s another set of uniforms that you are purchasing and hanging the others in the closet until you have someone that size again.  Its not a good use of your time to research security equipment (tasers, oc spray, etc) and purchase when your experts at the contract security firm can do that for you more efficiently.

 Guard Staffing Flexibility – Your contract security guard firm has a deeper bench of personnel to draw from.  They have other officers that can be pulled in to provide coverage during vacations or sick leaves.   If you have a special event at your building requiring extra security coverage, your contract security firm can easily bring in additional guards to provide additional coverage.  If you choose to go in-house, then you don’t have that reserve of officers to cover those staffing needs.

Impartiality of Security Guards

Outside security guards can often enforce regulations more effectively than an in-house security guard.  Security officers employed by a contract guard company have less loyalty to your staff or feelings of influence by in-house employees.  These guards are less likely to be caught up in your company politics.  Their allegiance is to the contractor firm that can easily move them to another office building as necessary.  This encourages impartiality when performing their duties.

Expertise & Training of Security Guards

When you contract with a security service, you are not only hiring security guards, but the expertise of their leadership team.  You should consider these managers your partners and consultants, assisting you in developing, implementing and refining your security policies and procedures regularly.  You should expect them to be involved in the regular management of the security posture of your property.  They have experience working with CRE clients and property managers across Atlanta every day and should gain insights from this exposure that can benefit you as well.

Contract security firms have established training programs for training their security guards every day.  Their curriculum and materials should be well refined and practiced and meet or exceed industry standards.  Work with your contract security training team to customize their training to the specific needs of your office building.


Contract security firms bring not only an additional layer of management expertise, but an additional layer of liability protection to you and your commercial real estate company.  The contract firm has liability insurance to protection in the event of a security related incident.  If you’ve been using their team properly and followed their guidance and an event happens on your property, then you’ve provided additional protection to your commercial real estate company in the event of a lawsuit.

Bottom Line: Contract Security Guard Services Cost Less

All these factors combined mean that the true cost of a contract security service firm is less than going with an in-house option.  You will reap these savings if you select a security firm with qualified leadership that is willing to engage and assist you in hardening your security posture appropriately for your building’s needs.  Take advantage of their expertise in the security industry and you and your organization will benefit.

Are you a commercial real estate property manager looking for a security guard company for your Atlanta property?  Call BOS Security today for a needs assessment.





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