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How Can You Tell the Difference Between Nervous and Suspicious Flyers?

As an airport security specialist in Sioux Falls, SD, your primary objective is to identify and neutralize potential threats. Airports can attract a real cross-section of the population, from frequent-flying business travelers to individuals who rarely get on a plane. The former probably breeze through the process easily, but the latter may have no idea what to expect from airport security. Their confusion and nervousness could be interpreted as suspicious behavior.


Pay attention to details

It’s essential to know how to tell the difference so you don’t add to their trepidation, don’t waste time on misidentified threats and don’t miss any genuine threats.


Consider multiple factors

There is some overlap in behaviors of nervous flyers and those who may be high risk. It can be difficult to tell the difference. Adhering to TSA guidelines can ensure you are treating every traveler with respect while not missing any red flags that can put the flight at risk.


Reassure nervous flyers

Giving extra attention to a nervous traveler is likely to calm them, while doing the same to a nefarious flyer will only serve to increase their agitation. Consider other factors such as cultural norms, which can account for variations in demeanor, eye contact and touching to avoid misidentifying someone as a threat.


There is virtue in a proportional response

If you have reasons to be suspicious, probe further. However, if you overreact to an innocent flyer, it could inadvertently distract from a genuine threat, enabling them to slip by. Accurate screening can often come down to experience and developing your instincts.


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