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Flight Delays During the Holiday Travel Season? No Problem!

It’s a given that delays occur over the holiday travel season. Higher than the normal number of flyers, unpredictable weather, travelers who are unaccustomed to flying – it all adds up to slowdowns, frustrated people and long, difficult workdays for airport security officers.

What can you do to adapt, keep the lines moving and keep people safe?

Keep a Cool Head

Travelers will be looking to you for cues. They may be short-tempered, uncertain or afraid. That’s why it’s essential that you remain professional, friendly and matter of fact. Don’t get pulled into drama or mirror their lousy moods. When you keep your emotions in check, you’ll stand a better chance of defusing tense situations and prevent annoyance from escalating into an incident.

Over Communicate

When travelers know what is expected of them, security lines move faster. Because there are more infrequent flyers over the holidays, you may need to provide more explicit guidance if you want to keep things moving. Be prepared to repeat yourself and watch for those who seem confused as well as identifying potential security threats.

Remain Vigilant

Slow, inexperienced travelers, increased volume, maybe long hours – it can be easy to lose focus, but it’s essential that you keep your guard up. An inconvenience for everyone else can be an opportunity for those with ill-intent. Don’t permit shortcuts to speed the lines up or become distracted by passenger behavior that may be misdirection.

Take Scheduled Breaks

It’s tempting to work through when demand is so high, and your coworkers are depending on you but staying fresh is essential to the quality of your work. Find someplace quiet to eat lunch or grab a cup of coffee, get some fresh air if possible and be sure that you are getting plenty of rest and staying hydrated throughout the holiday season.

The Holiday Travel Crunch Doesn’t Have to Be a Problem.

Be prepared for delays, take it one day or even one hour at a time and you’ll get through the holiday season and back to your normal schedule in no time. If you’re considering a career in airport security, check out our current jobs or contact BOS Security today.


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