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What I Do Matters: Randy Wall

What I Do Matters: Randy Wall

Officer Randy Wall, a TSA screener at the Tupelo Regional Airport in Tupelo, Mississippi, cares very much about family. To say family is important to Officer Wall would be a pretty big understatement. He is fiercely loyal and protective of those who matter to him-and everyone with whom he comes in contact matters to Officer Randy Wall.

Randy Wall grew up just a short way from Tupelo, where he now resides. Officer Wall explains while he loves horses and misses the farm, he doesn’t miss the responsibility. He and his family took care of several horses and also maintained 50 head of Black Angus cows.

“There was a lot of work on the farm. Each and every day was filled with caring for the animals. There was feeding, and vaccinating, fence work, and in the springtime would start foaling season.” Officer Wall explains, with just a hint of nostalgia-and exhaustion!

Prior to coming to work security at the airport Officer Wall managed a lighting company in Tupelo. Deep down though Officer Wall has always loved the excitement of the airport and feels like working in the airport environment is a good fit for someone with such an outgoing personality. Officer Wall’s grandmother lived near the airport, which he believes fostered his fascination with air travel.

Officer Wall has always had an eye for art and design, leading him to earn a degree in Fine Arts. When the Tupelo Airport expanded their runways a white clapboard home happened to be in the way of that expansion. Officer Wall had the house moved and has been steadily working to restore his beloved home. When not at work or working on his house, Officer Wall enjoys spending time with his family, which includes his three nieces. His mother still lives in the family home, though the farm was sold after the passing of Officer Wall’s father in 2007.

What I Do Matters Because

Having a fine arts degree I’ve always had an eye for detail. That gift serves me well in security. I notice things, look for things. I’m also the type of person who has never met a stranger. I enjoy being around people, and I want to keep them safe.

The Most Rewarding Part of My Job Is

Being around people and working with the public every day is my reward. Our staff is like family. We complement each others’ strengths and we work together very well. Every day is rewarding in that, as an extrovert, I get to be around people I consider like family.

What I am Most Proud of At Work

Doing my job. At BOS Security we build relationships with each other and the community we serve. We treat everyone the same no matter what. I always try to be that “morning person” upbeat and positive in all I do.


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