Smart Buildings are a Dream Come True for Security Technology

Smart Buildings are a Dream Come True for Security Technology

When people think of smart buildings, they often think about features related to comfort or cost savings. Smart buildings provide the most efficient way of controlling utilities such as light or heat. Access control is also a valued feature. It’s easy to know in real-time who is in the building and if they venture into areas where they don’t belong.

Building “smart” into design

While buildings can certainly be retrofitted to incorporate smart technologies, creating a ground-up infrastructure is even more useful. Architects, builders, and designers must work closely with IT departments to fully understand the underpinning requirements. The IoT technologies served by smart buildings can reduce energy costs and environmental impact and leverage all kinds of security technologies.


Maintenance is Security

Smart building technology can tell you if filters need to be changed before they become fire hazards. It can detect doors that have been propped open, increasing vulnerability to incursion, even if they were propped without ill intent. Smart lighting can prevent blind spots and dark corners.


Smart cameras

Security cameras can be monitored remotely, no matter where you are. Remote security monitoring services can view what’s going on throughout the building no matter where you are and notify authorities if suspicious behavior is detected. You can give employees more confidence even when few people are in the building, knowing a guard can keep an eye on them and even virtually walk them to their cars.


Controlling access

Smart buildings offer a plethora of access control options. Managers or security staff can use smartphone apps to identify who is in the building and where they are located. They can also approve or refuse visitors from their smartphones no matter where they are. For example, workers can be allowed into the building, and their access limited to the areas required to perform their jobs.


Quick location

Coded access cards show security exactly who is in the building and where they travel within the building. That means if an emergency action needs to be taken, such as responding to an injury, notifying people of dangers, or instructing them to evacuate the building, not a moment is wasted. Rapid, direct response of this nature can save lives.


Can you incorporate smart technologies into your security plan?

At BOS Security, we advise building owners and managers on the latest technologies and provide the in-person and remote resources to put their security plans into action. If you would like to schedule a security consultation, please contact the experts at BOS Security today.

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