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What I Do Matters: Emoata Abraham

Security Officer Emoata Abraham is passionate about contributing to his community, both in uniform and out of uniform. Officer Abraham has been a commercial security officer with BOS Security for a year after moving to Georgia from New York. This is not his first security job; he spent several years in security before relocating to the Atlanta area. 

Security is not just a profession for Officer Abraham, but a passion. Assigned to access control at a residential community, Officer Abraham loves bringing smiles to the faces of those who come through his gate. And his residents love seeing his smile. 

Not only is he committed to spreading positivity at his post, but he is also dedicated to spreading positivity in his community. Officer Abraham is heavily involved in his church and even preaches at times. Additionally, he is affiliated with the 100 Black Men of Atlanta, a community empowerment organization focused on Atlanta’s underprivileged youth. This cause is dear to Officer Abraham after losing his father at 5 years old and being raised by a single mother. He hopes to spread fatherly love, mentorship, and support to children in his community.  

What I Do Matters Because…

“I want to be treated the same way I treat people. I think if I put out positive energy I get positive energy back, whether it is at my job or in the community. Just be nice to people.” 

The Most Rewarding Part of My Job Is…

“At the White Columns, even though my residents have the resident gate, they like coming through my gate so they can speak to me. They tell me they love seeing my smile. Just putting a smile on somebody’s face. I want to be remembered for the positive impact I made on someone’s life.” 

What Are You Most Proud of At Work?

“I am a team player. I love to be a problem solver in any crisis at my job.” 

BOS Security is grateful to have someone like Officer Abraham on our Atlanta Security team. He is a valuable team player who is always willing to pick up extra shifts, even if it means missing church or spending time with his wife and two teenage children. Officer Abraham’s dedication to spreading positivity and bringing smiles to people’s faces are just a few reasons he is loved by his supervisors and the residents he serves. Security is not just a job for Officer Abraham, it is a passion. 


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