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VirtuGuard™ Assists Police in Locating Injured Male in Student Apartment Complex

VirtuGuard™ Assists Police in Locating Injured Male in Student Apartment Complex

 VirtuGuard™ remote video monitoring can be a watchful eye over your property, assets, and people. While VirtuGuard™ monitors a business for abnormal or criminal activity, like theft and vandalism, live Command Center Agents also monitor for and react to emergency situations. 

With thirty years of experience in providing physical security services, BOS Security prioritizes emergency preparedness and response training for both onsite Security Officers and VirtuGuard™ Command Center Agents.  

Below is an example of a medical emergency that occurred on a BOS Security client site and was resolved through collaboration between VirtuGuard™ remote video monitoring, onsite BOS Security Officers, and local law enforcement. 

Injured Male Found in Student Apartments 

During a proactive virtual tour of a luxury student apartment complex, VirtuGuard™ Agents discovered an alarming scene. At around 1:30am, an Agent observed a male laying on the floor of the elevator. He seemed to have blood on his face and legs and bruising all over his body. 

VirtuGuard™ immediately called the onsite BOS Security Officer to notify him of the situation and to request immediate action. Agents stayed on the phone with the Officers to direct them to the man’s exact location. 

Agents tracked the male’s movements through the building and observed him exit the elevator onto the sixth floor. He was seen stumbling around and almost falling several times, all while holding his right shoe in his hand. Agents reported that the male seemed confused and to be having extreme difficulty walking. They observed the male enter one of the apartments and took note of the unit number to report to the Security Officers and police. 

Meanwhile, another VirtuGuard™ Agent called the Athens-Clarke County Police Department to report the injured male and request medical attention. VirtuGuard™ was alerted that the police had already been looking for the male in question. The Agent instructed the ACCPD to meet the onsite BOS Security Officers at the entrance of Building 2 so that they could be escorted to the male’s room. 

Soon after, VirtuGuard™ observed an ambulance arrive at the entrance of Building 2 followed by a police vehicle. The two onsite BOS Security Officers met the responding ACCPD Officer at the building entrance and escorted him to the male’s room on the sixth floor. 

Minutes later, VirtuGuard™ observed the injured male being escorted by the BOS Security Officers and the Police Officer through the building and outside of the entrance. The male was seen talking to the officer and appeared to be in distress. 

The injured male was then helped into the ambulance by the Police Officer, and he was then transported to a nearby hospital to be assessed for injuries. 

Emergency Preparedness and Interactive Remote Video Monitoring 

Emergency preparedness and response are crucial features of a quality security service. Whether your business utilizes physical guard services or VirtuGuard™ interactive remote video monitoring, you can count on our highly trained security professionals to react quickly and appropriately to emergencies that occur on your premises. 

In the above example, the injured male clearly needed medical attention. He was observed to be bleeding from multiple places and struggled to make it into his apartment without stumbling. Because the student apartment complex consists of three buildings and was only physically covered by two guards, the male could have gone unnoticed.  

When VirtuGuard™ Agents reported the incident to the police, they were informed that police had already been looking for the male. Not only was VirtuGuard™ able to get medical attention for the injured male, but they were also able to lead police directly to him. 

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