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How Virtual Guarding Prevents Property Damage

How Virtual Guarding Prevents Property Damage

Regarding security, protecting people is always a top priority, but the importance of protecting property can’t be underestimated. Property damage can be a significant risk to a business — and one of the most expensive. Fortunately, advances in security camera technology are providing new solutions to prevent property damage before it occurs. Virtual guarding can be a powerful weapon in your property security arsenal, especially when combined with features such as fire, temperature, and water detection.


Fire and Temperature Detection

Fire is one of the most devastating threats to any property. The fire is destructive, but smoke damage is also a significant threat, not to mention the damage that can occur in extinguishing the fire. Firefighters use water and other substances to extinguish the fire and may need to break down doors and walls. Prevention is the optimal solution, with rapid response being the next best.


Smoke Detection

Traditional smoke detectors can only go so far in detecting fires. On the other hand, virtual guarding systems can use advanced cameras equipped with thermal imaging to detect changes in temperature. This technology can detect a fire even before smoke is visible, allowing for faster response times and potentially saving your property from significant damage. You can set up your virtual guarding systems to automatically alert the local fire department, so they can respond as quickly as possible.


Water Detection

Water damage due to flooding, sprinklers going off or plumbing issues can also be devastating. Virtual guarding can use sensors to detect the presence of water where it shouldn’t be. These sensors can be placed in areas such as basements, near pipes, or where water damage could occur. If water is detected, the system can alert property management, allowing for quick action to prevent further damage.


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Virtual guarding can save time and money because the faster a threat is detected, the less damage it will likely cause. It’s a cost-effective addition to your security strategy. It will pay for itself by preventing one significant property damage event. Contact BOS Security today to learn how VirtuGuard™  virtual guarding services can protect your property, or complete the form below.




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