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Stop Illegal Dumping at Your Business with VirtuGuard™ 

Stop Illegal Dumping at Your Business with VirtuGuard™

Illegal dumping at your commercial property can be frustrating and inconvenient. Commercial businesses can be overwhelmed with unapproved individuals dumping waste to avoid collection costs or the inconvenience of taking trash to an approved dump site. 

Illegal dumping can increase operational costs for commercial real estate properties. If dumpsters designated for tenants are filled more quickly due to unauthorized dumping, the property manager may be required to schedule more dumpster pickups for a greater price. 

One way to stop illegal dumping at your commercial property is with VirtuGuard™ remote video monitoring. 

What is Remote Video Monitoring? 

VirtuGuard™ remote video monitoring is a virtual guard service. From our Command Centers, Live Monitoring Agents have access to live video surveillance streams and recorded video from your location through security cameras and other infrastructure installed on your property.  

In addition to random or scheduled virtual guard patrols, Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be applied to surveillance cameras to send alerts when movement or abnormal activity is detected. This allows VirtuGuard™ Agents to intervene quickly and effectively to prevent or stop incidents on your property as they occur. 

Two-Way Audio Speakers 

When activity is detected on a property through AI or a proactive virtual guard tour, VirtuGuard™ Agents can interact directly with individuals through two-way audio speakers installed on the property. Agents can activate voice-down audio announcements on your property from our remote Command Centers. 

If an individual or individuals are detected entering a property after hours or begin to illegally dump, Agents can engage, saying something like: “To the individuals putting trash into the private dumpster, please remove your trash and leave the property. You are being monitored and recorded.” If the behavior continues, an Agent can make another announcement that says “You are dumping illegally on this property. Please remove your trash or onsite security officers/local police officers will be dispatched.” 

Two-way audio speakers are an effective way to deter people from illegally dumping on private commercial real estate. However, if the behavior persists VirtuGuard™ can take additional measures to stop persistent offenders. 

Collaboration with Onsite Staff and Local Police 

If your commercial property also utilizes onsite security services, VirtuGuard™ can collaborate with Security Officers to address and resolve unwanted activities. When someone is detected entering the property and audio announcements do not deter unwanted behavior, VirtuGuard™ can alert onsite Security Officers or local police of the event. 

The benefits of VirtuGuard™ collaborating with onsite Security is that Virtual Guards can enhance situational awareness by providing details of an event that could be missed due to the limited view of a physical guard, like precise location and number of individuals involved. Additionally, VirtuGuard™ can help improve the response times of onsite guards and help them respond with greater efficiency by preparing them adequately for the event they are responding to. 

The same is true of local law enforcement. If your site does not utilize onsite Security Officers, VirtuGuard™ Agents can call local police departments to report trespassing and other illegal or unwanted activities. 

VirtuGuard™ Stops Illegal Dumping 

Check out the video footage of the attempted illegal dumping here!

BOS Security provides VirtuGuard™ remote video monitoring and physical guarding services to a high-traffic commercial shopping center in Atlanta, Georgia. Concerned with loitering, car break-ins, and illegal dumping, the property manager opted for a dual approach to reduce unwanted activity in and around the commercial businesses. 

One evening, VirtuGuard™ observed a male drive a dark van behind the building and park it beside the private dumpsters. Immediately after observing the man arrive, VirtuGuard™ notified the onsite BOS Security Officer of the incident and requested that they respond to the scene. 

The Officer arrived on the scene a minute later. They approached the man and let him know that illegal dumping was not permitted on the premises and asked him to remove the trash he had planned to leave. The man gathered his things out of the trash and put them back into his van before leaving the premises. 

VirtuGuard™ remote video monitoring can prevent or stop illegal dumping at your commercial property. Through advanced surveillance technology, VirtuGuard™ is proactive in preventing incidents from occurring or stopping them in the moment. Learn more about the capabilities of VirtuGuard™ interactive remote video monitoring and contact us today to speak with a BOS Security expert. 


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