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VirtuGuard: BOS Security’s Nationwide Remote Security Service 

VirtuGuard: BOS Security's Nationwide Remote Security Service 

When you hear “BOS Security,” your first thought may be about the onsite armed and unarmed guards we provide, but VirtuGuard™ is a significant part of what we offer. VirtuGuard™ is BOS Security’s remote security service that revolutionizes how we protect what matters most. With VirtuGuard™, you have a team of trained security professionals actively monitoring your property around the clock, responding to potential threats before they escalate into serious incidents. This solution combines cutting-edge technology, expert oversight, and proactive crime prevention strategies.

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Transforming Surveillance Cameras into Proactive Crime Prevention Tools

VirtuGuard™ takes surveillance to a new level by transforming cameras into active deterrents. Our remote security monitoring system utilizes state-of-the-art technology to proactively prevent crime, vandalism, and disturbances before they even occur. Unlike traditional methods that only offer post-incident analysis, VirtuGuard™ empowers security cameras to play an active role in safeguarding your premises.

Vigilance Enforced by Expert Security Personnel

At the heart of VirtuGuard™ is a dedicated team of virtual security officers operating from our advanced Security Operations Center. Leveraging the latest advancements in motion sensing, heat detection, and even lidar and radar capabilities, our virtual guards remain vigilant. When any movement is detected on your property, our team responds swiftly and effectively. Live video feeds and real-time alerts ensure that potential threats are addressed promptly.

Enhance Your Onsite Security Force

VirtuGuard™ seamlessly integrates with your existing onsite security measures. Our virtual guards work with your onsite security personnel, providing critical support during incidents. Should an alarm trigger, our virtual guards can dispatch local security staff to the scene, equipping them with essential information for a coordinated response. In situations requiring law enforcement intervention, our virtual guards maintain direct communication with emergency dispatch, guiding them to apprehend culprits quickly while ensuring everyone’s safety.


Continuous Vigilance, Maximum Protection — Nationwide

With VirtuGuard™, your security remains uncompromised, even when unforeseen circumstances arise. Forget about concerns over sick days or staffing shortages. Our Security Operations Center operates around the clock, staffed by a team of seasoned professionals ready to safeguard your business at all times. This collective approach ensures that incidents across multiple locations on your property receive immediate attention and resolution.

Frequently Asked Questions: What People Want to Know

Take Control of Your Security With VirtuGuard™

Whether your cameras are spread across a single location or multiple sites nationwide, BOS Security’s VirtuGuard™ has you covered. Our remote security monitoring services provide 24/7/365 coverage, allowing experienced security professionals to monitor your cameras remotely. In the face of potential threats, our virtual guards can issue voice warnings to deter intruders or notify law enforcement as needed.

What Services Does BOS Security Offer with VirtuGuard™?

  • Interactive Monitoring: VirtuGuard™ Command Center Agents harness the power of live video surveillance streams and recorded security footage from your property. AI technology enhances monitoring accuracy by reducing false alarms, allowing agents to focus on genuine security concerns.
  • Remote Tours and Escorts: Choose scheduled or random remote property tours conducted by our virtual security guards. Unlike predictable physical patrols, VirtuGuard™ tours remain unpredictable, thwarting criminals’ attempts to exploit patterns.
  • Audio Services: Enhance your security infrastructure with two-way audio speakers for real-time communication. VirtuGuard™ Agents can issue audio announcements for customer service, business-related updates, or warnings to potential intruders.
  • Video Auditing: Gain valuable insights into your business operations with customized auditing services. VirtuGuard™ offers impartial evaluations of your processes, helping you identify and address potential issues while enhancing overall efficiency and profitability.

Secure Your People, Property and Assets with VirtuGuard™

Don’t leave security to chance – protect yourself with VirtuGuard™ by BOS Security. Join the ranks of forward-thinking businesses redefining security with cutting-edge technology and expert guidance. Contact BOS Security today to schedule a comprehensive security audit. Your safety is our priority.


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