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What I Do Matters: Adele Kovachy

What I Do Matters: Adele Kovachy

Adele Kovachy has been a Security Officer with BOS Security for 2 months but has 10 years of experience working in the security and corrections industries. As a Security Officer at several client locations, Adele is dedicated to keeping clients, their customers, and their property safe.

Officer Kovachy has always known that she wanted to work in the security or law enforcement sector. “When I was little, they made the mistake of making me the traffic guard in third grade and it just grew on me. I’ve been bossing everybody around since,” she laughs.

“I’ve always been passionate about it. I got into forensics and crime scene investigations… I used to take my brothers’ fingerprints on a piece of paper. I used to go through my room every time I suspected them of going through my room and just dust the place for fingerprints with makeup powder. It worked.”

Officer Kovachy is very proud of her work and the ways in which her job responsibilities extend to the rest of her life and other interactions. She says, “The reason why I love what I do is that when a security company contracts with another business, you are no longer just the face of the security company, you are also the face of the business you contracted with. It’s an amazing feeling when you represent the security company. When customers come in, the first thing they see is you. You’re a little bit of everything; you’re housekeeping, you’re customer service, you’re management, you’re a first responder if need be. So, your role is very important, not just for the company but the business that you contracted with.”

What I Do Matters Because…

“Being able to work for a company and with a client. Being able to make sure that customers are happy and feel safe. What I do matters because we are the reason people feel safe. We are the reason that businesses want to contract with us. What I do matters, because without us management and police officers would have a hard time figuring certain things out. Keeping people safe is what matters to me.”

The Most Rewarding Part of My Job Is…

“It’s a rewarding feeling because at the end of the day, when you’re working graveyard shift, they trust you and they rely on you to keep their people safe, to keep their customers safe, to keep their property safe, and that in itself is a good feeling…  I love helping people and it’s a very rewarding feeling.”

What Are You Most Proud of at Work?

“Seeing everybody happy. Knowing that I did my job. I’m just proud to be a Security Officer. It’s a rewarding feeling to be able to work with law enforcement and management and business owners. It’s kind of cool being there and them trusting you to do things that they can’t. Customers having smiles on their faces and management having smiles on their faces, and knowing that if an incident occurred, they trusted you to handle a situation. People appreciating you for helping them is a very rewarding feeling. To go home and say, ‘I did that. I helped this person today. I made this person smile. My job really likes me.’”

The BOS Difference 

Despite having ten years of experience in the security industry with different security companies, Officer Kovachy praises the BOS Security team. She says, “Management is amazing. My bosses, my supervisors are awesome. It’s very rare for me to work someplace where management understands, relates, wants to talk, works with you. The economy is not the best right now and people are always looking for employers that understand them, appreciate their work, make them feel a part of a team, and levels with them to some degree. BOS has it. Everybody here has been super friendly, very nice, very communicative, and understanding.” 

For people who may be interested in finding work in the security industry, Adele offers this advice:  

“My advice would be to take everything seriously and expect the unexpected. Your job is to observe and report. Your job is to make the client’s property safe, the customers safe and happy. Expect to do a little bit of everything in the field that you’re working at. Not only secure, but be a first responder, customer service, cleaning services. You’re a little bit of everything in the security field. You are the eyes and ears of the facility when management isn’t there, when staff isn’t there. You see things and catch onto things at it’s your job to see things that management doesn’t have time for.” 

BOS Security appreciates Officer Adele Kovachy and our other officers who go above and beyond for each client. Attention to detail and dedication to fulfilling the duties of the job to the highest level are what make a Security Officer great. 

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