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Attempted Theft at Construction Site Stopped by Remote Video Monitoring

Attempted Theft at Construction Site Stopped by Remote Video Monitoring

Construction sites have become popular targets for internal and external theft. According to Great American Insurance Group, more than 11,000 thefts occurred at construction sites in 2021.  

Construction sites have been attractive to criminals due to the high-value items they carry, including: 

  • Tools
  • Copper wire and scrap metal
  • Generators
  • Building materials and fixtures
  • Heavy machinery and equipment, i.e., bobcats, backhoes, etc.

Often these materials and tools are not properly secured. Many construction sites are open, leaving opportunities for criminals to freely enter a property. Additionally, with contractors and subcontractors frequently coming and going at various times, new vehicles will not raise a red flag. 

To reduce theft at construction sites, it is crucial to implement a security solution. And recently, more insurance companies have been requiring contractors to implement security as a reasonable measure to prevent theft.  

An affordable and effective solution to prevent and resolve theft at your construction site is VirtuGuard™ remote video monitoring. 

VirtuGuard™ Remote Video Monitoring

Remote video monitoring turns surveillance cameras and other security infrastructure into proactive and preventive measures. From the VirtuGuard™ Security Operations Center, Virtual Guards monitor a property through security cameras and react to incidents they observe in real time. To see VirtuGuard™ in action, continue reading below. 

Attempted Theft Stopped by VirtuGuard™

A construction company chose remote video monitoring as their security solution for multiple active projects. Through cameras installed throughout the property and Mobile Surveillance Trailers, VirtuGuard™ Agents proactively monitor the properties through virtual patrols and response to Artificial Intelligence (AI) alarms. 

One night after 9 o’clock, the VirtuGuard™ Command Center received several motion-triggered AI alarms from a Mobile Surveillance Trailer. Upon reviewing the live surveillance footage, Agents observed a flatbed truck enter the project site. The truck approached another large truck parked on the property and unidentified individuals began attempting to load heavy equipment onto the flatbed truck. 

As directed by protocols developed during the client onboarding, Agents contacted the client to confirm whether the people onsite were authorized workers. The client clarified that the vehicle on site was not affiliated with their company. 

VirtuGuard™ then called the local police to report the trespass and attempted theft. Minutes later, police are observed arriving at the construction site. Police patrolled the property and ensured that the unidentified individuals left the property without the heavy machinery. 

Try VirtuGuard™ For Your Construction Project

More effective and more affordable than traditional security solutions, VirtuGuard™ remote video monitoring can protect and secure your construction sites. As popular targets for theft, it is crucial that construction sites have adequate security measures in place.  

To learn more about how VirtuGuard™ works, visit and complete the contact form below to speak with one of our security experts. 


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