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Forklift Joyride Caught at Construction Site with Remote Video Monitoring

Forklift Joyride Caught at Construction Site with Remote Video Monitoring

Construction sites are particularly vulnerable to trespassing and theft. Due to their open premises and high value materials and equipment, criminals often target construction projects and strike when they are vacant and believe that no one is watching. 

In the incident detailed below, VirtuGuard™ collaborated with a local police department to catch and resolve a trespassing incident at an active construction site. 

Stop Trespassing at Construction Sites with Remote Video Monitoring

Watch the video footage of the event here.

Late one evening, the VirtuGuard™ Command Center received an Artificial Intelligence alarm triggered by movement at an active construction site. The alarm came from a Mobile Surveillance Trailer that was being used to monitor the project for trespassing and suspicious activity. 

Upon reviewing the live surveillance of the property, Agents observed an unknown male driving a forklift around the area. At this time, the property was unoccupied, and Agents confirmed with the client that no workers or contractors were meant to be on the site at this time. 

Following the client’s request, Agents called the local Police Department to report that someone was trespassing at the construction site and that machinery was being driven around the building. Minutes later, dispatchers communicated that a police helicopter was nearby and had eyes on the machinery still being used. 

Soon after, VirtuGuard™ observed several police units arrive on the site while the helicopter remained monitoring the suspect. The Police Officers made contact with the individual and questioned him about what he was doing on the property and why he was operating the machinery.  

The Police then escorted the man off the property without further issue. VirtuGuard™ updated the client of the police response and continued to closely monitor the site for any further activity.

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