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BOS Security Officer Recognized for Stopping Auto Theft

BOS Security Officer Recognized for Stopping Auto Theft

A BOS Security Officer was working an overnight shift at an apartment complex in Atlanta when he sprang into action after discovering a crime in progress.  

Late one night, Officer Levon Granting was patrolling the apartment complex when he observed five men surrounding a vehicle in the parking lot. Upon closer inspection, the front passenger window was busted and there was glass on the ground beside the vehicle. While maintaining a safe distance, Officer Granting called out to ask the men what they were doing.

After the Officer began to approach, the men got into another vehicle and quickly drove away. The Officer then called the local police department to report the incident. Investigators arrived at the apartment complex to collect evidence and take a statement from Officer Granting. 

After property managers were notified about the incident, they recognized Officer Granting for his efforts in preventing a crime at the apartment complex. BOS Security is proud to employee Security Officers like Levon Granting, who act quickly and effectively to resolve security incidents. 


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