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Remote Security Cameras Catch Elevator Rescue Call

Remote Security Cameras Catch Elevator Rescue Call

VirtuGuard™ was remotely monitoring a luxury student apartment complex when Command Center Agents observed two female residents sitting on the floor of an elevator. Agents reviewed the video footage to find that the elevator had stalled minutes earlier while moving between floors.  

The two residents attempted to use the call button in the elevator to request help. When VirtuGuard™ observed the stalled elevator, Agents immediately called the onsite staff to report the incident. 

Staff were seen arriving within minutes to open the elevator doors and assist the residents in exiting the elevator. With the quick observation and reaction by VirtuGuard™, the residents were able to be freed from the elevator within 15 minutes.  

Check out surveillance footage of the event.

VirtuGuard™ for Residential Properties

VirtuGuard™ is more than just security. With highly trained security professionals and advanced technology, remote video monitoring can observe and respond to emergencies or nuisances in an instant. 

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