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BOS Security Officer Intervenes in Mental Health Crisis

BOS Security Officer Intervenes in Mental Health Crisis

A little after 10pm at a downtown parking deck, BOS Security Officer James Simmons observed an SUV drive to the sixth floor and park while watching the surveillance cameras in between patrols. A female got out of the vehicle and was looking over the ledge on the east side of the building. 

After about 5 minutes, Officer Simmons went up to the sixth floor to ask the female to leave because of suspected loitering. However, when he arrived at the initial location, the female was not there. Officer Simmons went up to the top floor and found her sitting on the ledge with her legs dangling over the edge. 

He carefully approached the female and asked her to get down. As he got closer, he realized she was very upset and crying. Identifying the incident as a potential suicide attempt, Officer Simmons gently helped her off the ledge and accompanied her to her vehicle. 

At this point, Officer Simmons called BOS Security Supervisor Lt. Anton Falcon to request backup. He also called the VirtuGuard™ Command Center to request that they continue to closely monitor the area through surveillance cameras. 

Officer Simmons stayed with the female until Lt. Falcon arrived and returned to the guard office to continue his duties. Lt. Falcon continued to speak with the female, and she called her mother. He remained with the female until her mother arrived some time later and escorted her out of the deck. 

Officer James Simmons is pictured with Athens Vice President Carter Greene when recognized as Employee of the Month for August 2022.

More Than Just Security

While Security Officers are expected to protect a property from criminal or unwanted disturbances, BOS Security Officers go above and beyond to engage with their surroundings and provide support for various crises. Both Officer Simmons and Lt. Falcon were able to engage kindly and gently with the female and call her family for help. Intervening in what could have been a very serious or even fatal fall or jump was crucial to ensure the young woman’s safety and to connect her with someone able to help her further.  

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