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VirtuGuard™ Detects and Stops Smoking with Surveillance Technology

VirtuGuard™ Detects and Stops Smoking with Surveillance Technology

Around one o’clock in the morning at a luxury student apartment complex, VirtuGuard™  Agents observed a male and female enter the hot tub. The pool area was closed at this time, meaning no residents were to enter the pool or hot tub. 

Agents who conducted the proactive virtual patrol contacted the after-hours primary contact who stated they would send the onsite courtesy officers to the location to have them removed from the restricted area. 

However, as VirtuGuard™ continued to monitor the area, Agents observed the two individuals light an object, appearing to be smoking something. The female was seen flicking the item that was being smoked over the edge of the hot tub and into the pool. 

Two courtesy officers arrived at the scene minutes later and spoke with the male and female. The male and female resident then exited the pool area and made their way to an apartment on the fourth floor. 

VirtuGuard™ recorded the information and provided property management with a report of the event so that further action could be taken. 

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