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VirtuGuard™ Stops Back-to-Back Dumpster Diving

VirtuGuard™ Stops Back-to-Back Dumpster Diving

Over the weekend at an outdoor shopping center, VirtuGuard™ detected and intervened in several attempts at dumpster diving. Property managers have struggled with repeat offenders trying to remove items from private dumpsters and illegally dump them. VirtuGuard™ remote video monitoring paired with onsite BOS Security human guard services have greatly reduced the dumpster diving and illegal dumping events, which in turn has reduced operational costs. 

Dumpster Diving Incident 1

In the early morning hours during a proactive virtual patrol, VirtuGuard™ Agents on duty observed a male looking into the dumpsters behind the building. Agents conducted several Voice Down commands informing the individual that all activities were being actively monitored and recorded.  

The individual continued to linger around the dumpster, prompting VirtuGuard™ to issue a final Voice Down alerting the individual that local authorities would be contacted if they remained on the property. The individual vacated the premises and Agents continued to closely monitor the area to ensure that they did not return. 

Dumpster Diving Incident 2

The next day around the same time, VirtuGuard™ Agents observed a different individual walking towards the same private dumpster while conducting a proactive virtual patrol. Agents on duty immediately conducted a Voice Down Command through speakers on the property.  

Agents informed the individual that all activities were being monitored and recorded and that all instances of dumpster diving would be reported to local authorities. The individual promptly vacated the property after hearing the VirtuGuard™ audio commands. 

The Power of Audio to Stop Dumpster Diving at Your Commercial Property

Through two-way audio speakers installed throughout a property, VirtuGuard™ can quickly and effectively intervene in trespassing events near your private dumpsters, whether intruders are looking to illegally dump or steal. At the first sign of suspicious behavior, Agents can directly intervene by alerting intruders that their activities are being monitored and recorded. In incidents where the behavior persists, Agents can warn trespassers that local law enforcement will be informed about the illegal activity. 

In most situations, audio announcements can deter illegal or unwanted activity without requiring a response from onsite Security staff or local law enforcement, saving time and money for commercial businesses. 

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