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Eagle Eye Networks Security Monitoring Services

Eagle Eye Networks Security Monitoring Services

Eagle Eye Networks offers several unique services and products that are compatible with over 3,000 camera models. With Eagle Eye, your business can upgrade your cameras without having to replace them with new or more expensive models. 

Eagle Eye Networks is used by over 10,000 businesses worldwide across various industries, including auto dealerships, convenience stores, education, healthcare, fitness, and much more. 

Cloud VMS (Video Management System) 

The Eagle Eye Networks Cloud VMS transforms video surveillance systems into powerful business tools. In addition to video AI, the Cloud VMS detects trends and patterns to improve your daily business operations and keep your people and property protected. 

911 Camera Sharing 

Eagle Eye 911 Camera Sharing allows emergency telecommunicators to view and relay real-time updates with police, firefighters, or emergency medical technicians. VirtuGuard™ utilizes video management systems (VMS) to monitor and record security incidents at client sites, empowering Virtual Guards to intervene in onsite incidents. With Eagle Eye Networks, in addition to providing real-time situational awareness during 911 calls, VirtuGuard™ can share a direct camera link with an emergency communication center (ECC) for emergency response to review. 

911 Camera Sharing is a valuable resource in any emergency event, including a shooting, robbery, or other public disturbance. VirtuGuard™ works to prevent disturbances from occurring, but in the chance that they do, this technology improves the communication with emergency responders to resolved issues safely, quickly, and effectively. 

AI Video Analytics 

Eagle Eye Networks offers Artificial Intelligence (AI) Video Analytics to improve business safety and processes. The analytics include: 

  • Loitering Detection: A video surveillance analytic that sends an alert when a moving object is detected in a specific area for a specific amount of time.  
  • Object Counting: Analytics count objects like people or vehicles crossing a predetermined line in either direction.  
  • Line Crossing: A video analytic that detects when an object (person or vehicle) enters a restricted area. When an object crosses a set boundary, the analytics can send an alert for Virtual Guards to review. 
  • Intrusion Detection: Cameras connected to the Eagle Eye Cloud VMS can detect and alert to intrusions in forbidden areas. This setup allows for different levels of alerts for different areas, both indoors and outdoors. 
  • Camera Tampering: This video analytic feature detects where someone tries to move or block a camera view to obscure suspicious or illegal behavior. When camera tampering is detected, alerts are sent to the VirtuGuard™ Command Center for Virtual Guards to review and act accordingly. 
  • License Plate Recognition: Eagle Eye’s AI-powered license recognition is compatible with any surveillance camera to effectively and affordably monitor vehicles across multiple locations. 

Smart Video Search 

The Smart Video Search feature from Eagle Eye Networks allows users to search across surveillance cameras and sites for people, vehicles, or objects. Without requiring additional costs or special cameras, Eagle Eye Smart Video Search makes incident investigations quicker and simpler and is available at no additional cost. 

Vehicle Surveillance 

Vehicle Surveillance from Eagle Eye Networks includes vehicle detection, identification, and tracking. Using license plate recognition technology and data, Eagle Eye can improve parking security and operations. Remote Access Control is possible with this feature, as Virtual Guards can screen visitors and deny or grant access in real time. 

Additionally, Vehicle Surveillance can be utilized for fleet management and tracking. This technology can measure arrivals and departures and improve cargo loading and unloading schedules with enhanced video monitoring. 

Two-Way Audio 

Eagle Eye Networks’ 2-Way Audio feature allows Virtual Guards to remotely communicate with people at a client site. Whether you wish to greet visitors, communicate with staff and customers, or engage directly with intruders or suspicious individuals, 2-Way Audio enhances the effectiveness of your video surveillance camera systems. 

Eagle Eye Networks Partners with Immix 

The VirtuGuard™ Command Center utilizes immix software to manage and respond to security events across all client sites. Immix is a single platform for monitoring that integrates with over 500 of the top security products and systems, including Eagle Eye Networks. 

In addition to detecting and alerting Command Centers to security incidents, Immix also delivers pre- and post-alarm video clips of an incident to provide security professionals with additional context and updates. 

Eagle Eye Networks and VirtuGuard™ Remote Monitoring 

VirtuGuard™ integrates with Eagle Eye Networks to provide effective and affordable remote video monitoring. The Cloud VMS and AI analytics empower Virtual Guards to respond to alerts of suspicious or unwanted activity at a client’s property in real-time. More effective than traditional guard services, remote monitoring is a proactive security tool that can improve the safety and protection of any business. 

To learn more about VirtuGuard™, complete the contact form below to speak with a security expert. 


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