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VirtuGuard™ and SightLogix Partner for Outdoor Remote Video Monitoring

VirtuGuard™ and SightLogix Partner for Outdoor Remote Video Monitoring

SightLogix is a leading provider of smart outdoor security cameras and a manufacturer of a smart thermal detection system, the SightSensor. SightLogix’s mission is to solve outdoor security problems with their reliable and easy to deploy outdoor surveillance cameras. 

SightLogix offers a variety of camera packages to ensure that each client’s unique security needs are met. Proactive detection is crucial to prevent intrusions, property damage, theft, and other illegal or unwanted activity. Continue reading to learn more about SightLogix and how BOS Security utilizes their advanced security technology to provide effective and affordable remote video monitoring services. 

SightSensor HD Series

The SightSensor HD is a smart camera with dual-streaming capabilities. As a cost-effective package with outstanding detection performance, the SightSensor HD is an effective solution for businesses, fenced-in yards, schools, perimeters, and much more. 

This Thermal-Visible Smart Camera is equipped with the following capabilities: 

  • Thermal Sensor: Detects infrared energy, or heat, to send alerts to human or animal activity. 
  • Thermal AI (Artificial Intelligence) Nuisance Alarm Filtering: Filters thermal detection to reduce false alarms. 
  • HD Color Imager: Picks up color on video day or night for more detailed detection and reporting. 
  • Video Storage: Store, search, and retrieve video footage and thermal and visible alarms for incident investigations. 
  • Automatic Stabilization: Wind, vibrations, and other conditions that may cause the camera to shake do not impact the camera’s analytic detection. 
  • LED Illumination: Also known as night vision, LED illumination enables the camera to detect objects clearly in low-light conditions. 
  • SightLogix Dual-Sensor Video Analytics (DSA): The HD series is equipped with both thermal and visible sensors simultaneously for high detection accuracy and false alarm reduction. 

The SightSensor HD is compatible with the VirtuGuard™ Command Center to provide affordable and reliable remote video monitoring services. When an object is detected by visible or thermal sensors, an alarm is sent into the Command Center for Live Monitoring Agents to review and respond to in real-time.

SightSensor NS Series

The SightSensor NS is a smart thermal camera that detects, analyzes, and alerts to intruder activity near critical perimeters at outdoor properties. This smart camera can detect targets instantly, whether the object is inside, outside, or at the fence line. The SightSensor NS detection range covers areas of over 100 meters to ensure that an entire property is protected. Additionally, these features are included in the SightSensor NS: 

  • Geospatial Video Analytics: Correlates every pixel generated by a sensor to a point on an internal GPS to pinpoint exact locations of breaches or suspicious activity. Provides reliable information on size and other details of an object. 
  • Buffer Zone Protection: Provides early warning detection to proactively alert breaches before they happen. 
  • SightTracker PTZ Integration: Automatically zooms and follows outdoor intruders so that the target object is always within camera range. 

SightSensor NS cameras from SightLogix are ideal for outdoor properties. Weather-proof and designed to excel in less-than-perfect conditions, this solution is reliable in harsh environments. 

SightSensor TC Series

The SightSensor TC from SightLogix is a dual-imager smart camera that combines thermal detection with visible color capability to detect objects day or night. In addition to being equipped with thermal AI nuisance alarm filtering, video storage, automatic stabilization, and a toolbox of other filters to optimize performance, the SightSensor TC is bult to withstand harsh environments for long periods of time. 

The thermal and visible imagers are aligned to detect and assess abnormal activity in real-time. Geospatial analytics can be customized and applied to place a red box around intruders. This analyzes their speed, bearing, size, and location, all in a clear image.  

When streamed into the VirtuGuard™ Command Center, Virtual Guards can assess live video footage of an event to gather relevant information and react accordingly to prevent trespassing, property damage, theft, or other illegal activity. 

SightTracker PTZ

The SightTracker PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) is a smart camera that automatically zooms and follows outdoor intruders to proactively detect and react to security breaches. The clear view and zoomed in detail of this camera solution delivers optimized situational awareness so that the entire perimeter of an outdoor site is fully covered. 

While the SightTracker PTZ will automatically track intruders, the camera can also be manually controlled by remote security professionals. The settings of this camera can be customized to monitor for different target situations, including: 

  • First object in 
  • Last object in 
  • Larger/smallest object 
  • Furthest/closest object 
  • Slowest/fastest object 
  • Dwell time between targets 

The SightTracker can be customized to keep an eye on intruders without operator involvement. However, when combined with VirtuGuard™ remote video monitoring, security operators will review the live video footage to take action when a trespasser is detected. 

BOS Security and SightLogix Partnership

BOS Security’s remote video monitoring solution VirtuGuard™ seeks to prevent crime before it occurs at a client’s outdoor location and to act quickly to resolve incidents when they occur. Customized to each client’s diverse needs, SightLogix and VirtuGuard™ can be used in the following ways: 

Critical Infrastructure Protection 

  • Airports 
  • Bridges 
  • Chemical Manufacturing and Storage 
  • Data Centers 
  • Electrical Utilities and Substations 
  • Prisons 
  • Rail Yards 
  • Seaports

Commercial Security 

  • Cannabis Sites 
  • Construction Projects 
  • Fenced Yards 
  • Schools and Sport Fields 
  • Large Residential Properties 

SightLogix’s SightSensors are accurate and reliable, reducing false alarms, which in turn reduces Agent time investigated and responding to non-threatening incidents. The efficiency and affordability of VirtuGuard™ is supported by SightLogix and other advanced security infrastructure and technology. 

To learn more about VirtuGuard™ and SightLogix, complete the contact form below. 


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