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Voice Down Deters Trespassing at Luxury Car Dealership 

Voice Down Deters Trespassing at Luxury Car Dealership
Watch the video footage of the incident.

One morning at approximately 1:20, movement at a luxury car dealership triggered an alarm that was received by the VirtuGuard™ Command Center. A middle-aged male was observed walking onto the property, dropping his belongings in between two vehicles and sitting down. 

Because of the high value of the vehicles in the lot, the car dealership has zero tolerance for trespassing on the property after hours. Before implementing VirtuGuard™ remote guarding, the car dealership collective suffered over a million dollars in theft due to missteps of a competing remote guarding company. 

After receiving the alarm and reviewing the live footage of the male entering the private property, Command Center Agents took action to prevent any further unwanted or criminal activity. Agents utilized audio speakers installed throughout the property to engage directly with the intruder. 

Agents issued a Voice Down to alert the male that he was being live monitored and recorded. They alerted the male that he was trespassing on private property and instructed him to leave the premises or police would be called. 

Upon hearing the Voice Down, the male proceeded to gather his belongings and vacate the property. Agents continued to monitor the area to ensure that the male or another intruder did not return to the property. 

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