Do Small Retail Businesses Need Security Guards?

Small Retail Businesses

The answer to that question isn’t always clear, though every business does need to focus on upping their security to prevent theft. In low crime areas, small retail businesses might not feel the need to hire security guards. However, every area has crime, especially shoplifting. All it takes is enough individual incidents to put a… Read More »

RFID Technology And The Retail Sector

RFID Technology

Retailers are constantly looking for better ways to manage inventory and reduce shrink. With RFID technology, a better solution may finally exist. While some retailers have tested RFID in the past, the technology just wasn’t ready yet to fully track inventory from warehouses to stores and from store shelves to customers’ carts. Now, a push… Read More »

Retail Security Essentials – How You Can Protect Your Stock


While the focus is often on protecting consumer data, retail theft is still a major problem. As retailers deal with stolen stock, they often have to increase prices to cover their losses. Luckily, there are ways to better protect your stock and reduce the threat of shoplifting. You may not be able to prevent the… Read More »

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