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BOS Security Introduces New Golf Cart Training for Officers

BOS Security specializes in residential security for communities in the Southeast United States. BOS Security experts work directly with these communities to customize and enforce a security plan that suites the needs of the management, residents, and visitors.  

Our in-house training manager works closely with each officer to ensure they have the proper training and knowledge to provide the best service possible to each client. On top of the required 24-hour mandated training for security officers in Georgia, each officer must complete additional training that is specific to their site. Whether the site utilizes access control measures, specific patrol locations and protocols, or surveillance monitoring, the BOS Security team works with you to establish or enhance a security plan for your property. 

Golf Cart Training for Security Officers 

Most recently, BOS Security announced new training for security officers assigned to sites that require them to operate a golf cart. Golf carts can be used in lieu of a vehicle or on-foot patrols to make scheduled rounds or respond to incidents around a property.  

While golf carts or other low speed vehicles may seem without risk, they are still heavy pieces of equipment that can pose a danger to other drivers and pedestrians. Because of this risk, Training Manager Bill Hildebrand has developed a new lesson for officers at these sites to complete. The module consists of a video about operating a golf cart safely and a test that the officer must make an 80% on to successfully complete the lesson. Continue reading for safety rules for operating a golf cart and additional training procedures required of BOS Security Officers. 

10 Safety Rules for Operating a Golf Cart or Low-Speed Vehicle (LSV) 

  1. Check all sides, behind, and down for pedestrians, traffic, or other obstructions before moving, especially in reverse.
  2. Use caution when entering or exiting an enclosed area.
  3. Never operate a golf cart or LSV while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.*
  4. Never stand while operating an LSV or golf cart.
  5. Avoid the use of cell phones, earpieces, or music playing devices while driving a golf cart or LSV.
  6. Use extreme caution while operating a golf cart or LSV around cars, trucks, and pedestrians.
  7. Do not exceed the vehicle’s seating capacity or weight capacity.
  8. Keep arms, legs, and all body parts in the LSV or golf cart at all times, except when using hand signals for turning or stopping.
  9. Bring the vehicle to a complete stop and properly set the parking brake before exiting.
  10. Reduce speed around corners and at bumps. Avoid sharp turns, especially when speeds exceed 10 mph.

*Remember that many forms of prescription or non-prescription drugs can impair a driver’s ability to safely operate a vehicle*

Additional Training for Residential Security Officers 

While golf cart training has only been recently introduced for residential officers, there are a variety of other courses provided for residential security officers with BOS Security. Officers assigned to residential communities may be trained in access control practices based on the needs of the property. They are guided on how to screen visitors and make an informed decision on whether to allow or deny entry.  

The main concern of residential security officers is egress and perimeter protection. Operation managers identify points of entry and concern during their assessment of the site then develop post orders detailing locations that must be visited during the scheduled patrols. 

Surveillance monitoring, whether on site or from our VirtuGuard™ Command Center can also be a tool in egress and perimeter protection for residential communities. When not conducting regularly scheduled guard tours, the officer on duty can be alerted to activity that is captured on video and respond to the location or request law enforcement intervention if necessary. 

Hire Highly Trained Security Officers from BOS Security 

BOS Security places value in the introductory and regularly scheduled training for our security officers. Specialized training is created and administered for each site to meet and exceed the needs of your community. Contact BOS Security today to learn more about our services and the ways we can enhance the security of your community. 


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