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Controlling Access/Egress (Part 2): Property Control

Atlanta, GA – Just as personnel are required to meet security requirements for access/egress of a client facility, the same applies to property being brought in or taken out. An effective property control program will prevent theft, sabotage, and other possible criminal activity.

All facilities should have signage posted at entrances making personnel aware that all “property and/or belongings being brought into the facility are subject to being inspected by security officers”.  That property could belong to the company or it could belong to a private person. There are several means by which property can be brought into a facility. It can be brought in by an employee or visitor, it can be delivered by courier, or it can be delivered by a company such as FedEx or UPS.

Incoming property belonging to individuals should be inspected by a security guard. Property being delivered for the client or a private party should be specifically addressed. These items will be inspected before permitted to leave the access point. If possible, the recipient should be present when doing so. Uninspected packages should never be left unattended.

Outgoing client property will be accounted for before leaving the facility. Individuals removing client property from a facility should have a Property Pass signed by the appropriate authority. There should be a list of approved personnel along with their signatures contained in the Officer’s Duty Book.  Some clients no longer use the property pass and allow their employees to use their access badges or credentials as authority to remove property. In this event, property removed should be recorded in the Operations Log.

Each facility should also have procedures in place for accountability of lost and/or found items. Items turned over to the Security Officers should be annotated in a log to include the disposition of said item(s).


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