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Controlling Access/Egress (Part 3): Vehicle Control

Atlanta, GA – Controlling traffic in and around your facility may be of importance. If so, there are usually two priorities – prevent traffic congestion and deter criminal activity in parking areas. This involves directing traffic into authorized parking areas and/or locating and reporting illegally parked vehicles. You may be required to wear and use specific equipment such as a reflective vest and a mirror for viewing the undercarriage of a vehicle.

In most cases, Security Guards do not have the authority to enforce traffic laws, rules or regulations. Consequently, there may be incidents requiring law enforcement assistance.   Dependent upon your circumstances, you may be authorized to have security guards issue “courtesy” citations as part of their assigned duties. Do not attempt to take this authority beyond what it is.

You may need to control entry and departures of vehicles from your parking area/garage. If required to inspect vehicles as part of access control procedures, the Security Guards should follow these guidelines:

• Stop the vehicle and advise the occupant(s) of the reason for the inspection.
• In some cases it is necessary to require the occupant(s) to vacate the vehicle. If so, check their identification and provide an area for them to stand approx. six feet from the vehicle.
• Guard should conduct a thorough inspection of the interior, paying attention to areas such as between/under the seats, the glove compartment, above the sun visor, and the trunk area.
• Inspect the exterior as well focusing on the wheel area, behind/underneath the bumpers, and the undercarriage.  This will likely require that you provide angled mirrors to the Officers.

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