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Access/Egress Control (Part 4): Lock and Key Control

Atlanta, GA – The Security Department is normally responsibility for control of locks, keys and access cards.  As such, this is an important duty of the security guard and there should be an effective program for the control and accountability of these items, such as:
• A cabinet/container to hold all keys, or access cards tagged to identify which lock or reader it opens.
• A key/card access register with a list of information to be recorded.
• A list identifying keys/access cards and who are authorized to sign them out.
• Written procedures for the lock and key program.

Guards should be required at the beginning of each tour of duty to inventory and account for all controlled keys or cards. Once satisfied all are accounted for, sign the log acknowledging the inventory.

There should be a Guard Equipment Control Register provided at each post. For every instance a key is issued or received, it should be recorded in the log. Controlled keys should be issued only to those approved personnel on a list vetted by the Building Owner or Security Director.

If a controlled key/card is designated for “emergency use”, they should be kept in two sealed envelopes with the outermost envelope marked “Open For Emergency Use Only”. The envelope should be signed and dated by the individual sealing it. This envelope should be kept separate from the other keys. If the need arises for the envelope to be opened, it will be recorded in the log and after the keys have been returned, the envelope resealed, signed and dated. Since these are designated for “emergency use”, ensure you issue them to only approved personnel.

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