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Does Your Business Need An Armed Guard?

Atlanta, Georgia -Are you experiencing high levels of theft? Have you recently had to deal with a break in? Do your employees feel unsafe when they are at work? If you are experiencing these or similar issues, then you should consider hiring an armed guard.

Your Employees Deserve To Feel Safe

If your employees feel unsafe in their work space, then it is your responsibility as an employer to remedy that. No one should have to feel intimidated by the customers they serve. These feelings in the workplace can cause high employee turnover that costs you money and time. An armed guard can provide your employees with a sense of security that they deserve to have when they are working for you.

Reduce Theft

Many Atlanta businesses have major problems with theft that quickly eat into their bottom line. Security cameras without a guard only assist in identifying the thief after an incident has already occurred. To prevent theft in the first place, hire an armed guard. Not only will it be a major deterrent to anyone considering stealing something from your business, you will actually have someone on site to stop theft caught on camera as it is happening.

Protect Your Business After Hours

If you have ever had to deal with a break in at your business, then you know the cost and hassle that comes along with it. It is hard enough protecting your business when you are on location, but without an armed guard your business is at the mercy of any would-be burglar after you leave for the evening. Don’t leave your business for the sharks after hours, protect it around the clock with a well trained security guard. Contact us to find out what an armed guard can do for your business.


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