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How Your Business Can Benefit By Having An Armed Guard

One of the top priorities of any business is to maintain a sense a security for not only its customers but for its employees, as well. Dangers and crime can be unpredictable, as seen through media on a day-to-day basis, but they also can be prevented if the right measures are taken into effect. Prevention is number one, and the best way to prevent something terrible from happening is by having an armed guard stationed at your business, keeping everyone safe.

There are many benefits of having an armed guard stationed in your business, and many ways in which they can prevent crime from occurring. One of the biggest assets an armed guard can bring is their physical appearance. By having a badge and loaded weapon visible to the public, the security officer can sometimes avert danger by just being present, and not having to use his or her special training. It also gives your customers and staff an ease of mind knowing that someone is there to look out for their well-being and safety.

An implemented armed guard can also survey and monitor your business, checking for suspicious activity and other things, such as shoplifting, that you may not have time to fully investigate. Whether or not you have a security system that needs to be monitored, or if you prefer having a guard patrol a certain area, he or she is equipped and ready for any task that needs to be accomplished.

Armed guards at BOS Security are also trained with full CPR and first aid skills, which if needed can be used to potentially save lives. All of our guards also have basic fire fighting skills, so in the case of an unexpected fire emergency, your guard can act promptly and efficiently before the fire department even arrives. It’s the bonus offerings that an armed guard from BOS Security brings that really makes them vital to keeping your business safe from any unexpected danger.

If you believe that having an armed guard at your business is the right thing to do, please contact us now and let us ease your state of mind.


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