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The Benefits An Armed Guard Can Provide

Hiring an armed guard is not a decision to be made lightly. Like any other security measure armed guards have to be carefully examined and the benefits weighed against the drawbacks. There are more benefits than might be obvious at first glance, though. For example armed security provides…

1. A Deterrent

The presence of security always deters crime, and the tougher the security the more likely criminals are to look for easier targets. When there’s armed security on the premises that represents a major risk for criminals, which is why just the presence of armed guards is likely to make those with ill intent think twice.

2. A Human Presence

Armed security guards might be more old-fashioned than modern-day access control security systems, but they provide a human element that machines and technology simply can’t. Human security guards can de-escalate a situation and make judgment calls about what actions are more acceptable, which is something that no security system has advanced enough to do yet.

3. Greater Training

While all security guards receive a basic amount of training, armed guards are held to more rigorous standards because they are allowed to carry weapons. This includes testing in the care and maintenance of firearms, testing their accuracy and skill, but also in educating guards on how to control situations with the minimum amount of force necessary so that it isn’t necessary for them to use their guns.

4. Peace of Mind

Knowing there is capable security on hand who has the necessary tools to handle anything that happens can help both employees and customers relax. When you know that security is on hand and ready to come to your aid there’s less overall worry, particularly if guards are allowed to mingle with other employees and customers, it makes them approachable and an expected part of the team.

There are a lot of reasons to hire armed guards to help protect your interests, your employees, and your customers. If you want to talk to the experts at BOS Security about what benefits your business could gain from an armed guard or two on the premises simply contact us today!


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