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Our Security Guard Company Can Help You Set Up an Office Safety Plan

If you own a business or are in charge of security for one, you know the challenges involved with establishing a security protocol. Since managers and employees have different ideas about safety, consider hiring a security guard company to help devise and implement your plan. According to the Federal Protective Service of the United States, criminals who target office buildings look for ones with an inefficient security system in place. If there is no visible security, it’s even better for them.

Considerations When Developing a Safety and Security Policy

While every office building and employer has unique safety and security issues, answering the following questions is the first step towards creating a workable plan:

  • Is there a current emergency preparedness plan for fire, a medical crisis, terror threats, power failure, and other possible threats to safety and security? If so, how long ago was it written?
  • What emergency resources are available in your local area and what is the average response time of each?
  • What type of security measures are currently in place?
  • Is current security adequate to meet all potential threats?
  • How are safety and security measures enforced within the office building?

Once you have assessed your company using the above questions, BOS Security can help develop a new or improved plan to keep your property, employees, and clients safe. The following are just some of the possibilities you may wish to implement:

  • Keycard access at the main door and other doors inside of the building where you might want to limit access.
  • Closed-circuit monitoring devices in several locations in the building as well as the parking lot and outer perimeter.
  • Requiring anyone in the building, including visitors, to wear a badge bearing their photograph at all times.

Request a Security Evaluation

Please contact us at BOS Security to discuss improving your current safety and security plan or for help in implementing one for the first time. We look forward to working with you.


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