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Why You Need Professional Guard Services in Atlanta for Your Sporting Event

Your team doesn’t have to be the Atlanta Braves or Falcons to attract a large crowd. There is the potential for problems anytime you have a large group of people together celebrating a team’s victory or agonizing over its defeat. When you add alcohol into the mix, things can get even more out of control. That’s why you need guard services in Atlanta for any sporting event you are in charge of organizing.

Sporting Event Security Functions

BOS Security has many years of experience providing private security for baseball, football, basketball and other major sporting events. We have worked in numerous types of venues, including indoor and outdoor stadiums, high schools, and colleges. The following are just some of the services we provide to make sure every fan at your sporting event makes it home safely:

  • Crowd and access control
  • Parking lot security and traffic control
  • Escort services when requested
  • Risk assessment for each event
  • Foot and mobile patrol
  • We offer a highly visible security presence
  • Weapons detection
  • Your choice of plain clothes or uniformed security officers
  • Evacuation planning and implementation in case of emergency
  • First aid services

We also eject fans when necessary. This is only after they have ignored repeated requests to alter their behavior. Like you, we don’t think anyone has the right to ruin the event for other paying customers.

Make Sure Your Next Game is a Great One

Whether you are in charge of scheduling one game or an entire season’s worth, BOS Security can help. Please contact us to discuss your schedule and your team’s current security needs. We listen to what you need and then devise a plan to ensure we meet all of your requirements. Every member of our security staff has a law enforcement background with training in crisis management, CPR, asset protection, and much more.


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