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Why You Need a Security Guard Company for Your Hospital or Medical Clinic

When patients visit your medical clinic or hospital, they should only have to think about their own health concern and not security issues. This is a sign of a facility that has hired a good security guard company. While no one likes to think of things that might happen, the reality is that healthcare facilities face just as many emergencies as other types of businesses.

What Can Go Wrong

Imagine the chaos that would ensue if any of the following situations occurred at your hospital or medical clinic without an on-site security staff:

  • A woman longing for children abducts a newborn baby.
  • An abusive man finds out the hospital room number of his estranged wife and threatens to kill her.
  • Your facility receives a bomb threat or is the victim of a terrorist attack.
  • An unstable person in the facility’s mental health ward starts the building on fire.
  • A prisoner undergoing medical care breaks free and threatens staff and other patients.

While these represent some of the worst-case scenarios, you need an experienced security crew for dozens of other reasons. Parking lot patrol, escorting people to their cars, and helping patients and visitors who are lost are just some of them.

A Personalized Approach to Your Healthcare Security Needs

All medical establishments have different security vulnerabilities. Some need armed guards while others are more concerned with access control. When you work with BOS Security, we take special care to establish a personalized security plan for your business. We investigate your facility ourselves and work with your input to ensure the highest level of security possible. You receive a written report at the end of each shift that details all security issues.

Request Your Security Review Today

Our company has many years of experience protecting businesses in the Atlanta area, including hospitals and clinics. Please contact us to schedule a time to discuss your current security challenges.


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