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Security Officers Add The Human Element

There’s no clearer indication that we live in the future than the security systems we have available today. From wireless security cameras that can be accessed from a smartphone to doors that can be unlocked with a fingerprint it’s now possible for the average business or home owner to be protected by devices that were once reserved only for cyberpunk dystopias.

If there’s anything we learned from science fiction though it’s that no matter how advanced your technology is you can never overlook the human element. That’s why no matter what kind of alarm system or camera setup you have, a security officer or two will always enhance your security.

What They Can Do

While it’s true that cameras never sleep, and that they see everything that goes on in a location, cameras can’t wish customers a good day. An alarm system can blare when something is stolen, but they can’t make a judgment call as to whether it was an accident or a genuine theft (nor can they apprehend thieves). Security officers can’t be bypassed with electronic keys, and they are not subject to power outages or other electrical issues.

Security officers can also give your business a face. Machines can leave customers feeling intimidated and watched, but knowing that there’s a living person taking a hand makes security seem much friendlier to the average customer. As thieves are concerned human security complicates matters; machines are predictable whereas people are much more difficult to bluff.

Man And Machine: More Than The Sum Of Their Parts

A total security system will be more than just security officers or just an automated system. By combining elements of both you will have more complete protection that will be able to record everything that happens and prevent unwanted actions, but which will also have the ability to make decisions and take action to protect life, limb, and property.

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